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On Twitter, Lin-Manuel Miranda had this to say @Lin_Manuel

"For the record, I answered a whole different batch of questions off the FB page. But I was gone when autumn came. ..."

Miranda began by saying, "I'll answer your questions now. But only using Les Mis lyrics. Shoot."

Here are his responses:

  • "@angelchrys: @Lin_Manuel Favorite color?" Black--my world of she's not there.
  • "@JoseeJean: What's the most important thing to remember before auditioning for a role?" NO ONE IS COMING TO HELP YOU TO FIGHT
  • "@prollyjolly:When can we expect to finally hear the complete Hamilton Mixtape??" 5 years, for what you did.
  • "@Jhonx94: @Lin_Manuel If you ever have kids what would their names be?" Monsieur, Marius.
  • "@jess_schaffer: @Lin_Manuel when will the Bring It On score be out!?" At the end of the day
  • "@GJDitto: @Lin_Manuel when are you gonna post a new YouTube video?" One day more.
  • "@brittseegers: @Lin_Manuel What's your favorite pizza topping?" A hint of gold, stuck into a tooth.
  • "@LGenao27: @Lin_Manuel Any news on the ITH movie?" At the end of the day, you're another day older.
  • "@thetedsaid: @Lin_Manuel Best meal you've ever had?" I stole a load of bread!
  • "@NateVilandre: @Lin_Manuel Favorite thing about the performing arts?" Lovely ladies.
  • "@ditzkoff: where is like the dumbest place you could put a castle, that would in no way support its weight?" Here among the sewer rats
  • "@bbfrombkln: @Lin_Manuel when do you go to sleep?" Oh my friends my friends, don't ask me.
  • "@BabyKnowlesx3: @Lin_Manuel can In The Heights please come back to Broadway?" YOU MUST THINK ME MAD
  • "@JoseeJean: @Lin_Manuel Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" No more words.
  • "@onaka_suita1234: @Lin_Manuel What do you consider to be the breakfast of champions?" Regular Voltaire.
  • "@trishpip: @Lin_Manuel Do you prefer to travel alone or with a group?" I was born inside a jail.
  • "@_vickiarg: @Lin_Manuel how's the weather today?" A breath away from Hell. You get accustomed to the smell.
  • "@citybookman: @Lin_Manuel if I make $2100 a month, is $725 a lot to pay for a studio in Chicago?" Name your price. $1500 for your sacrifice
  • "@ditzkoff: @Lin_Manuel what's a good time for Time Warner Cable and Tiger Delivery to stop by?" Look down, they've all forgotten you.
  • "@HeyyyAlyssaaa: @Lin_Manuel If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where would you go?" TO THE BARRICADES!
  • "@Nagler: @Lin_Manuel what do you think about the New York City mayoral?" All of them crooks. Rooking the guests & cooking the books.
  • "@HeyyyAlyssaaa: @Lin_Manuel What scares you?" Making love to one already dead.
  • "@piraTWEETasavit: @Lin_Manuel What say you of A-Rod and the Yankees this year?" Empty chairs at empty tables.
  • "@Roe1Lauren: How do you spend your time when you're not being a musical genius? @Lin_Manuel" lucky to be in a job & IN A BEEEEEEEEEEEEEED
  • "@colindonnell: @Lin_Manuel can we go get a drink week after next?" Drink with me to days gone by!
  • "@dloehr: @Lin_Manuel How do you solve a problem like Maria?" SACK THE GIRL TODAY
  • "@MrJasonRBrown: @Lin_Manuel Who put the bomp in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp?" 2460ooooooooooooone
  • "@Jessica6119: @Lin_Manuel shouldn't you be working on Hamilton?" (Sigh. She's right.) I'll escape now from this world...

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