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Top 10 Tunes
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Top 10 Tunes with Jessica Vosk

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What has Jessica Vosk been listening to lately?

Your favorite Broadway stars are sharing the tunes that are getting them through quarantine.

Today's playlist is from Jessica Vosk! You may know Jessica as a certain Wicked witch or as Aunt Val in Alliance Theatre's Becoming Nancy.

Listen to Jessica's playlist below!

Sleep at Night - The Chicks
A true, warrior woman, all truth all day anthem. I dig.

illicit affairs - Taylor Swift
She can tell a story like no other. The production is phenomenal. The small hooks are divine. I'm all in.

I Know a Place - MUNA (acoustic)
It fits perfectly into the world right now. It's really raw and the chorus is heaven.

Crop Circles - Jon Bellion
Big fan of his over here. I put one of his songs on my own album, after all. He's SUCH a good writer and sampler. And also uses amazing harmony which is another reason why I'm deeply in love with him-- MARRY ME JON.

Your House - Jimmy Eat World
This is the kind of song that just makes me feel emotion in my body. I love music so much, and this is a perfect example why. And it makes you want to know the story behind it.

Songbirds - Ben Thornewill
The way he arpeggiates the piano. The way he writes a cadence. He keeps it simple but the song swells and I am HERE FOR IT. There's also a gorgeous piano solo, which never fails.

Everybody Lost Somebody - Bleachers MTV Unplugged 2017
Yes, Jack Antonoff is a producer extraordinaire. However, I love this particular album of his for many reasons; this song is SO GOOD. Listen to the lyrics and tell me you can't relate. Also the horn section. You can hear all of his magic that he sprinkles into the albums he's recently produced for other pop stars.

Party Tattoos - Dodie
Her entire canon is incredible. What a writer. This song was the first of hers I discovered. I'm a huge fan. Her voice is also magic.

House on Fire - Sia
She's a beast. Honestly I am in love with the chorus of this song. And I love how the massive sound drops out at the end. I could dance to this all day, since I'm a dancer first.

Daisies - Katy Perry
This. Is. A. Whole. Ass. Bop.

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