The Theater At The 14th St Y Announces its 2018-2019 Season

The Theater at the 14th Street Y continues to honor the edgy, diverse, and rich history of innovative culture-making in the East Village with the 2018-2019 Season. The Season kicks-off on September 5, 2018 and runs through May 2019. All productions are chosen through a submission process and are co-presented by the Theater at the 14th Street Y. Hundreds of artists apply every year to join the programming and have artistic discourse over a chosen theme.

Highlights of the season include:

  • The World Premiere of Till We Meet Again, written by Glory Kadigan, directed by Tony Award nominee Tonya Pinkins and co-presented by Planet Connections.
  • Barry Levey's Hoaxocaust!,directed by Jeremy Gold Kronenberg, provides an exploration of Jewish identity if the Holocaust hadn't happened.(NYC Fringe Festival's 2014 Overall Excellence award winner)
  • The World Premiere of Jenn Freeman's evening-length piece's time... Freemove Dance
  • LABA 2nd Stage production The Hearing exerpts actual hearing transcripts to follow the true story of a public teacher in Israel who leads a class discussion about the morality of the army.
  • The Baby Monitor, a crucial new play by David Stallings and directed by Antonio Miniño, explores same-sex parenting and cis family values in today's America.
  • Salesman?? explores the intersection of Chinese, American and Chinese-American identities, from 1983, when Arthur Miller directed Death of a Salesman in Beijing, to the present day.
  • An extravagant musical performance from Berlin, TIFERET merges dance and theatrical conventions.

"After a year of studying Jewish texts on War & Peace, the LABA Fellows and the artistic team are questioning even more the idea of "holy war." What do we fight for, what does freedom feel like and are our ideals even realistic? Ultimately, our battles are a series of compromises. But to what end? Even more crucial, we have begun questioning our self-imposed banners: "progressive," "liberal," "accepting." What do these mean? Are we honestly listening to opposing viewpoints? Have we become as indoctrinated and radical as the ones we fear? In choosing our 2018-19 Season, the Arts + Culture team wanted to further this line of questioning War & Peace on both the literal and more ambiguous ephemeral levels. We are presenting plays exploring a wide range of the divides we see in our social landscape. From Holocaust deniers to gay parents fighting stigmas and teachers fighting for freedom of speech in the classroom, these plays are sure to trigger conversation and a call to action. Our year of study with LABA on Jewish texts of War & Peace now translates into a Season that shares our questions with you. Audiences will not be quiet observers but hopefully inspired players as well," said David Stallings, Associate Artistic Director, 14th Street Y.

2018-2019 Season:


Questing Beast Productions

September 5 - October 7

Written by Barry Levey, directed by Jeremy Gold Kronenberg

How would contemporary Jewish identity be changed if the Holocaust hadn't happened? Join Barry on an unbelievable, around the world adventure as he tracks down deniers on a journey to discover the shocking truth.

The Other Day

Loretta Michael Productions

September 6-23

Written by Mark Jason Williams

A gay couple with substance abuse issues, a woman confronting her failing marriage, and a charming foreigner hiding a secret share an unexpected journey through love, addiction, loss, and redemption that will redefine their relationships, and themselves, in surprising ways. Winner of the Planet Connections Award for Outstanding Playwriting

Soldiers and Other Living Things

AAG Productions

September 27 - October 7

Written and directed by Michael Boyd

Set in the pre-"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" era of the Vietnam war, two wounded soldiers return home to confront issues of patriotism, survival, and the unspoken love they have for each other.'s time... Freemove Dance

October 11-14

Choreographed by Jenn Freeman, Original composition by Dani Markham

Dictated by a countdown clock, orchestrated by a live solo drummer (Dani Markham), and portrayed by five dancers, Jenn Freeman's world premiere evening length piece is about time. This dance is an abstraction of humanity and our relationship with "the clock"-how we as humans navigate the disconnect between what the clock demands and our otherwise natural progression.

The Hearing

LABA 2nd Stage

October 19 - November 4

Conceived by Renana Raz, directed by Ronit Muszkatblit

Taken from actual hearing transcripts, this true story follows Adam Verete, a public high school teacher in Israel who holds a class discussion about the morality of the army. Original concept creator Renana Raz will act as consultant on the Theater at the 14th Street Y's stage adaptation of her work.

The Not-So-Spooky Ghost*

October 20-21, 27-28

WonderSpark Puppets

Written and directed by Chad Williams

A timid ghost, his skeleton father and a mysterious scarecrow have lots of laughs in this all-ages show. The little ghost can't scare a soul to please his Big Bad Dad, but help is on the way as the audience and some friends scare up some fun fright. Hand puppet show in a traditional puppet booth.

Fox Fables*

November 3-4

WonderSpark Puppets

Written and directed by Chad Williams

This puppet adaptation of an Aesop's Fable is about a fox who loses his precious tail and with it his identity. He tries to be several other animals instead-with hilarious results- before realizing the moral lesson of this ancient story.

Layer the Walls*

November 7-11

Created by Liz Parker & Rachel Sullivan

Directed by Spica Wobbe

Set within a tenement that is about to be torn down and whose interior is plastered with 40 layers, this show uses masks, toy-theater techniques and puppets designed by Spica Wobbe to imagine the proud and perilous histories of the building's Italian, Jewish and Irish occupants. Ages 7+.


LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture

November 17

LABA, the international incubator of Jewish art and culture, invites you to DRUNK: a wine-soaked celebration of new art inspired by ancient texts. Feast, sip, and study, at our annual event, DRUNK.

#Nasty Women, A Night of Female Resistance Comedy

November 12, 2018, January 28, April 15, May 20, 2019

Curated by Laura Beatrix Newmark

Following the Women's March and in light of the #MeToo, Time's Up, #NeverAgain movements, we provide a forum for female comedians that empowers all through laughter, camaraderie and tangible activism tools.

The Baby Monitor

Different Translation

November 29 - December 16

Written by David Stallings, directed by Antonio Miniño

When Claire's concerns over the welfare of her two-year old nephew are dangerously validated, she begins to question the family's principals and ability to parent. A crucial new play, exploring same-sex parenting and cis family values in today's America.

The Fantastical Dangerous Journey of Q*

Rebel Playhouse

December 1-16

Written by Ric Averill, music by Dax Dupuy, Directed & choreographed by Sarah Sutliff, Music direction by Christina Bottley

Q, an upper elementary student struggling with gender and identity issues, faces the daily difficulties of preoccupied parents, bullying peers, and communication with challenging teachers... but with a bag of tricks everyday objects grow and are endowed with powers that allow Q to face larger than life threats head on! This new hour long musical features song, dance, and puppetry.

Waiting for Godot in Yiddish

New Yiddish Rep

December 21, 2018 - January 27, 2019

Written by Samuel Beckett The language of the play is dark and often humorous, commenting upon the absurd situation of humanity which expects and hopes, despite evidence to the contrary that someone-God, a hero, a messiah-will arrive and resolve our existential questions.

Till We Meet Again

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

January 11-26

Written by Glory Kadigan, directed by Tonya Pinkins

Lost in memories of when he served as a surgeon in Guadalcanal during World War II, Robert faces the regrets of his youth with the help of his granddaughter.

LABAlive Series

LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture

February 2, April 18, May 25

Experience excerpts of new works in progress presented by the 14th Street Y's LABA Fellows devising new work around the theme "Life & Death."

Salesman ??

Gung Ho Projects, LABA 2nd Stage

February 8-24

Co-Conceived by Jeremy Tiang and Michael Leibenluft, Written by Jeremy Tiang, directed by Michael Leibenluft

In 1983, Arthur Miller went to Beijing to direct Death of a Salesman-in Mandarin. Salesman?? explores the intersection of Chinese, American and Chinese-American identities, from that moment to the present day. What happens to the American dream when it is translated and transposed? In Mandarin and English with subtitles.

A Celebration of Deborah Jowitt

From the Horse's Mouth

March 21-24

As one of the dance fields most respected critics and writers, FTHM celebrates the life and accomplishments of Deborah Jowitt and her story of endurance and love for the art form.

The Sinless
New Roman Theatre Group
March 28 - April 7
Written by Judah Skoff, Producing Director Rebecca Deistsch Skoff

Annabelle and Tuvia are a happily married Orthodox Jewish couple living the life of their dreams. But what will they do when God isn't watching?

Ballet Nepantla
April 10-14
Artistic Directors: Andrea Guajardo & Martin Rodriguez,
Conducted by Latin GRAMMY winner Felipe Fournier

Valentina tells stories of struggles and triumph. By fusing contemporary ballet with traditional Mexican folkloric dance, Valentina explores the spaces between love and hate, hope and despair, and war and peace.



April 25-28

Artistic Directors Anya Clarke and Mitsuko Verdery present the world premiere of /we/, a collective study on gender identity featuring their seven dance artists with live sound by slowdanger. /we/ rids the binary, embraces the inner self and builds without walls.

Friendly's Fire Rising Sun

Performance Company

May 3-19

Written by John Patrick Bray, directed by Anna Hogan

The award-winning Rising Sun Performance Company presents the New York Premiere of an homage to Western movies and He-Man action figures. Friendly's Fire shows us what lengths a man will go to preserve his friend's sanity, and to remember his brother, who died in service to our county.

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth*

Rebel Playhouse

May 4-19

Written by Catherine Bush, music by Dax Dupuy, Directed & choreographed by Sarah Sutliff

Based on the Children's Book by Douglas Wood, In Old Turtle and the Broken Truth, a truth falls like a star from the sky and breaks into two pieces. When the villagers discover only half of the truth, it causes so many problems that Little One, a brave young girl, decides to search for the missing half. With the help of Old Turtle, and many animal friends, Little One is able to mend the broken truth and make it whole again creating a better world for everyone.


LABA 2nd Stage

May 29 - June 2

Music composition by Amir Shpilman, Designed by Yair Kira Straight from Berlin, a new music performance that merges theatrical conventions and dance into one seething evening. The extravagant show carries audiences through multiple sonorous fields, and tells a mystical story in the most sensual ways.

*Theater for Young Adults

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The Theater at the 14th Street Y focuses on social awareness and change through big picture narrative. Inspired by works that welcome artists of all backgrounds, we place artists at the heart of our community and seek to create an inclusive and open cultural experience for all. Art is incubated here.

At the core of LABA's mission is the belief that classical Jewish text study can and should be a source of inspiration and creativity for contemporary culture-makers and thinkers. All of the public art created through LABA aims to transcend cultural and social borders by bringing to light the universal themes and questions our artists encounter through their engagement with Jewish thought.

The 14th Street Y's philosophy is grounded in the belief that contemporary Jewish sensibilities can be a source of inspiration, connection and learning. No matter what your background, we aim to inspire you to live your best life. We're committed to the development of the whole person, to strengthening family connections and to building inclusive and sustainable communities. The 14thStreet Y serves more than 26,000 people annually with a variety of community programs and is proud to be a part of Educational Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a 128-year history of serving New Yorkers downtown.

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