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The Moms of Broadway
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The Moms of Broadway: Spotlight on Abuela Claudia

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As Mother's Day approaches, we've got matriarchs on our mind. Some of Broadway's most iconic characters are moms- bold and brave, loving and nurturing- and we think they deserve an ovation. We're celebrating Broadway's most beloved maternal figures.

Today's mom is the nurturing mother of many, Abuela Claudia of In the Heights.

The Moms of Broadway: Spotlight on Abuela Claudia

Meet the Mom:

The matriarch of Washington Heights, Abuela practically raised Usnavi and is regarded as one of the most beloved elders of the barrio. If it happened on her block, Abuela was there. Loving, caring, and full of grandmotherly wisdom, Abuela preaches from her stoop the value of hard work and a little bit of paciencia y fe.

Most Motherly Musical Moments:

"Remember the story of your name
It was engraved on a passing ship on the day your family came
You father said "Usnavi"
That's what we'll name the baby
They'd be so proud of you today"

-Hundreds of Stories

"In this folder there's a picture
From my high school graduation
With the program, mint condition
And a star beside my name
Here's a picture of my parents
As I left for California
She saved everything we gave her
Every little scrap of paper
And our lives are in these boxes
While the woman who held us is gone
But we go on, we grow, so...
Hold tight, Abuela, if you're up there
I'll make you proud of everything I know!
Thank you, for everything I know"

-Everything I Know

If She Was a Flower...

Abuela would be a sunflower- warm, full of life, and capable of brightening any room.

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