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THE RIDE'S HAUNTED NEW YORK is set for October 9 - October 31. A tour of the most haunted icons in New York City. A show about the famous and the infamous that have never left us. Featuring added cast members -- alive and otherwise -- added shows, added locations -- haunted and otherwise -- added content and an added video extravaganza of things that go bump in the night.

THE RIDE'S "Haunted New York" has been written, designed, directed and choreographed due to the unprecedented number of requests by Group Leaders from all over the country.

Now on sale, THE RIDE'S "Haunted New York" is both a TOUR of the most eerily iconic buildings in New York City as well as an evocative SHOW about the famous and infamous New Yorkers that have NEVER really left us.

Nobody is prouder of the ghosts that walk amongst us than New Yorkers and the creative staff at THE RIDE.

CEO/President, Richard Humphrey commissioned author Marc Sauvé to research and then write a magical musical tour of the most interesting apparitions and haunted buildings to ever exist in the most exciting city in the world.

Directed by Mr. Suavé, this worshipful wizardry that pays such irresistible tribute to these fascinating spirits has original songs by Doug Widick, Sound Design by John Shields and Visual Design by John Shields and Mr. Sauvé. The Technical Director is Brendan Bekowies.

THE RIDE'S "Haunted New York" will play from October 9 through October 31. Every Night. 7:00pm and 8:30pm.

Los Angels hosts The Universal Studios Hollywood Tour. Leavesden, England just opened Warner Brothers' The Making of Harry Potter Tour. New York City owns THE RIDE, which has become the singularly most requested ticket at Travel Agents' offices all over the country. The concept is a brainstorm of design that has resulted in a fleet of multi-million dollar motor coaches whose interiors are a state-of-the-art wonderland of electronic wizardry that guide 49 dazzled tourists around the most fascinating city in the world. THE RIDE'S original genius was its realization that the streets of Manhattan are a fifty-mile stage exhibiting the most riveting visuals on earth. Adding its own actors to the crowded mix on the street, the huge motor coaches deliver a show worthy of the standing ovations and group euphoria that results at the end of each RIDE. The motor coaches are events in their own right. They are specifically designed theatrical vehicles; the tallest allowed by federal law, fitted with stadium-style seating that orients the 49 fortunate participants sideways so as to look through the massive windows that deliver New York as the most successful Broadway show on earth. These multi-million dollar coaches are equipped with surround sound, 3,000 LED lights and 40 video screens. They are, in essence, rolling state-of-the-Art Theatres that introduce their travelling audiences to an interactive experience that only the most interactive city in the western hemisphere could deliver. Each motor coach's external speakers and lighting allow riders and on-board performers to interact with THE RIDE'S street performers as well as anyone else they pass on the street. THE RIDE is an EVENT whether you are on the bus or on the street. But it's better on the bus.


Every Night
7:00pm and 8:30pm

THE BOX OFFICE: Located on 42nd Street between Broadway & Eighth Avenue. Directly beside Madame Tussauds.

Individual Tickets: & 866-811-4111
Groups: 212-244-2551 x168
Holiday Groups: 212-244-2551 x168

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