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Student Blog: Never Doubt Your 'Little Voice'


“Little Voice” is the show you need to watch if you need some inspiration, you’re a Sara Bareilles fan or if music is part of your life in a special way.

Student Blog: Never Doubt Your 'Little Voice'

It's been a year since Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson brought to the world "Little Voice", a show that mixes romance, drama and music in a lovely way. The story of Bess, who lives in New York and is not just trying to make a career in music but also dealing with real life and a difficult family situation-- something not very common nowadays, huh?

Brittany O'Grady, Colton Ryan, Kevin Valdez, Shalini Bathinia and Sean Teale were casted to show the audience each phase of the process of finding their voice in this tv serie that you need to watch if you need some inspiration, you're a Sara Bareilles fan or if music is part of your life in a special way.

One of the things I loved about Little Voice is that photography and music collided beautifully, like in "Ghost Light", the sequence where while Bess is singing she's watching the story of a woman that seem to lived in the apartment years ago and we as an audience can understand the song better by seeing the past of this woman who felt invisible and had to stand her violent husband because of her children; or with the song "Tell her" that shows us what Bess is feeling about Ethan by making this kind of music video that actually is in her head because she's so inspired writing the song that she's able to associate the lyrics with scenarios again.

The soundtrack itself it's wonderful but i'll rewatch the whole season over again just for the story and the smart editing in every episode, songs fit perfectly with the story and that made me emotional, I even cried once or twice because even if it's fictional, shows reality in one way or another, for example the ups and downs of our main character in her process of writing new songs and finally performing them or how young adults life is in the big city, where they have multiple jobs besides their personal projects to live but still following their dreams, something that at one point everyone have faced or is facing, specially artists.

I find this show so inspiring because sometimes we are trying too much to fit or to follow our plans that maybe we're missing to have fun, enjoy the ride or we're not looking other ways to get where we want, and I think maybe it's because we doubt ourselves, which is normal but sometimes that little voice inside us has the answer, so we have to learn to listen to what it says and never doubt it because deeply in our hearts we know what we want and that voice will leads us to that.

I'm in my early twenties and the way I relate with some situations was what made me learn actual lessons for the future; first, that you have to surround yourself with people like Sam and Prisha, that encourage you to follow your dreams and support you, but also have to be honest when you're doing something wrong; to be fearless like Louie and don't be afraid to be yourself in everything you do; but the most important don't give up, learn from your mistakes and keep fighting for what you love, or at least try like Bess, because "Sometimes you just gotta do it for the love of it". So no matter if you are an aspiring singer, dancer ,musician, writer, actor or director, it's enough if you have big dreams and struggles, to enjoy and learn something from this story.

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