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Ruthie Henshall, Ramin Karimloo, et al. Featured on STANDING OVATION Album


Following the announcement in the Summer of 2011 that Dress Circle may be faced with closer for financial reasons, STANDING OVATION was produced by Danny Davies of Pirate Management over the month that followed. Comprising works from artists and songwriters who share in the concerns for Dress Circle`s future, this CD is a tribute to the shop, and it is hoped that it may contribute in some way to the positive future. The album will be released on August 17 and can be purchased here.

Featured artists include Rosemary Ashe,  John Barr,  Ruthie Henshall,  Stephen Weller,  Lara Pulver,  Shona White,  Jack Shalloo,  Julie Atherton,  Stuart Matthew Price,  Gemma Atkins,  Daniel Boys,  Ramin Karimloo,  Jon Robyns,  Stephen Ashfield,  Samantha Barks,  Jonathan Eio, and  Patrick Smyth.


1. Shine On Down - Various Artists
2. My Prince - Lara Pulver
3. New Beginnings - Jonathan Eio
4. Our Hearts Must Take Control - Ramin Karimloo
5. A Girl of Few Words - Julie Artherton
6. City Boys - Jack Shalloo
7. The Village Song - Elliot Davis
8. I See You - Patrick Smyth
9. When You Hear My Voice - Shimi Goodman
10. Into Blue - Gemma Atkins
11. Lonely Child - Stephen Ashfield
12. All I Am - John Barr
13. Call Me Over - Ruthie Henshall
14. Closer To Home - Jon Robyns
15. Autumn Days - Stuart Matthew Price
16. Let Go - Samantha Barks
17. I`ll Bring You A Song - Shona White
18. Shadows Of Evening - Stephen Weller


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