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Roundabout Underground Playreading Series

Roundabout Underground Playreading Series

We are pleased to announce our third annual Roundabout Underground Reading Series. The Roundabout Underground Reading Series is a five night event taking place February 24 - February 28 that will include a nightly reading of a new play written and directed by an emerging artist.

The plays featured in the series include Max Posner's Judy, directed by Lila Neugebauer; Lindsey Ferrentino's Ugly Lies the Bone, directed by Patricia McGregor; Sarah Burgess' Liquidation Play, directed by Mike Donahue; Kyle Warren's Thoreau, and Other Assholes, directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel and Philip Dawkins' Failure: A Love Story, directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar.

There will be one reading each night at 7pm from February 24 - February 28, in the Black Box Theatre in the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre (111 W46th St.). A limited number of tickets to the reading series will be available to general public. These tickets can be reserved by emailing


Monday, February 24
By Max Posner; Directed by Lila Neugebauer
Winter 2040. Three grown siblings are spending lots of time in their basements. Timothy's wife Judy just left him. His daughter is rapidly entering adolescence. Tara, his sister, is starting a new religion and talking to doors. Their eldest sister Kris spends her nights alone, volunteering over the internet. Unfolding in three basements over four months, JUDY is a comic portrait of one family's struggle to reckon with and resurrect the past amidst breakdowns in their technological systems and verbal communication skills.

Ugly Lies the Bone
Tuesday, February 25
By Lindsey Ferrentino; Directed by Patricia McGregor
Female soldier Jess returns from war severely burned only to find her Floridian hometown in a state of decay. With the use of virtual reality video game therapy, she desperately tries to restore her relationships, home, and all that was lost.

Liquidation Play
Wednesday, February 26
By Sarah Burgess; Directed by Mike Donahue
When a family-owned suitcase company accepts a buyout from a Manhattan private equity firm, it seems like a win-win deal. But nervous investors, philosophical clashes, and concealed ambitions ensure that no one is working with the same information.

Thoreau, and other Assholes
Thursday, February 27
By Kyle Warren; Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel
Popular spy novelist Jean DeBernis has finally written his first 'legitimate' novel, the magnum opus that'll put him on the literary map. But when he discovers the exact same book published at the exact same time under another author's name, Jean finds himself thrust head to head with a scheming lawyer whose ambitions are more nefarious than even Jean could imagine. Soon, Jean's struggle to protect his work explodes into a battle for his livelihood, his relationship, and, ultimately, the very thoughts in his head.

Failure: A Love Story
Friday, February 28
By Philip Dawkins; Directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar
This magical fable of love and death tells the tale of the three Fail sisters, each of whom meets her untimely end in the year 1928. Living above the family clock shop by the Chicago River, each sister will become all too aware of how quickly happiness can arrive, how long it takes for sorrow to fade, and how suddenly our lives can change.

A limited number of tickets to the reading series will be available to general public. These tickets can be reserved by emailing

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