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Special Talkback: Virtual Reality & Treatment of PainSpecial Talkback: Virtual Reality & Treatment of Pain
Posted: Oct. 6, 2015

Special Talkback: Virtual Reality & Treatment of PainSpecial Talkback: Virtual Reality & Treatment of Pain
October 6, 2015

Veterans, Burns and Pain ManagementVeterans, Burns and Pain Management
October 5, 2015

In Ugly Lies the Bone, Jess's injuries-severe burns sustained from an IED explosion-are indicative of the unique costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As of February 2013, these two conflicts had resulted in over 6,500 deaths, nearly half of them from IEDs. IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices, are homemade bombs, constructed at a relatively low cost with readily accessible combustive materials (fertilizer, gunpowder, hydrogen peroxide). Occasionally packed with sharp materials (glass, nails, metal) to increase the likelihood of shrapnel-like injuries, the bombs are often buried along the roadside, to be detonated remotely or automatically when troops walk or drive over the sites. When IEDs first appeared in combat zones, in early 2002, the military didn't know how to categorize the deaths that were occurring as a result of seemingly unmanned explosions. The first death immediately (rather than retroactively) classified as resulting from an IED explosion occurred on November 14, 2003. In the following decade, IEDs came to be common knowledge in both the military and the media, and their results have left a lasting legacy-not only in deaths, but also in (far more common, and just as devastating) injuries.

We remember Brian FrielWe remember Brian Friel
October 2, 2015

The Roundabout family mourns the loss ofBrian Friel. This gifted playwright gave so many beautiful stories to the world, and we will treasure those that we were able to bring to life with him. Brian always wrote with great depth, whether through his unmatched sense of language, surprising humor, righteous anger, or incredible heart. His commitment to bringing stories of his Irish homeland, often through the town of Ballybeg that he created and populated with so many memorable tales and characters, was admirable.

About the Playwright: Harold PinterAbout the Playwright: Harold Pinter
September 29, 2015

Harold Pinter was born in Hackney, in London's East End, in October of 1930. An only child, he was born to Jewish parents of very moderate means; his father, a tailor, and his mother, a homemaker, were first-generation descendants of Eastern European immigrants. Like many of his contemporaries, Pinter's childhood was shaped by the onslaught of World War II; at the age of nine, he was evacuated from London through Operation Pied Piper and resettled in a town in Cornwall. The sense of isolation he felt in Cornwall would come to influence his work, as would the changed London to which he returned during the Blitz, where he was witness to, as his 2008 Guardianobituary put it, 'the dramatic nature of wartime life - the palpable fear, the sexual desperation, the genuine sense that everything could end tomorrow.'

Interview with Actress: Sarah SteeleInterview with Actress: Sarah Steele
September 25, 2015

Ted Sod spoke to Sarah Steele on her role as Brigid Blake in Stephen Karam'sThe Humans. ?TED SOD: Where were you born? Where were you educated? When did you decide you wanted to become an actor?

Interview with Playwright: Helen EdmundsonInterview with Playwright: Helen Edmundson
September 24, 2015

Ted Sod spoke to Helen Edmundson about the process of her writing her stage adaptation of Emile Zola's novelTherese Raquin.

From the Artistic Director: Therese RaquinFrom the Artistic Director: Therese Raquin
September 23, 2015

Therese Raquin, a stunning play by Helen Edmundson adapted from Emile Zola's classic novel, makes its Broadway debut October 1 as the first production at Studio 54 in this 50thAnniversary season.

From the Artistic Director: The HumansFrom the Artistic Director: The Humans
September 22, 2015

The New York premiere of Stephen Karam'sThe Humans, a new play directed by Joe Mantello begins previews September 30 as the first production at the Laura Pels Theatre in this 50thAnniversary season.

Interview with Playwright: Stephen KaramInterview with Playwright: Stephen Karam
September 18, 2015

Education dramaturg Ted Sod speaks to Stephen Karam about his process of writingThe Humans. TED SOD:The Humansis the third play of yours to be produced at Roundabout. Previously, we have presentedSpeech & Debateat Roundabout Underground andSons of the Propheton the Pels stage in the Steinberg Center. What do you find exciting about having your work produced here? Do you consider Roundabout your artistic home?

Interview with Actor: Clive OwenInterview with Actor: Clive Owen
September 15, 2015

Ted Sod, Education Dramaturg, spoke with actor Clive Owen aboutOld Timesand his role as Deeley. Ted Sod: Why did you choose to play the role of Deeley in Harold Pinter'sOld Times? What do youthink the play is about?

Interview with Director: Douglas HodgeInterview with Director: Douglas Hodge
September 14, 2015

Education dramaturg Ted Sod discussesOld Timeswith Director Douglas Hodge. Ted Sod: American audiences know you primarily as an actor, but you're also a director and acomposer. How and why did you decide to direct for the theatre?

From the Artistic Director: Old TimesFrom the Artistic Director: Old Times
September 11, 2015

The first ever Broadway revival of Harold Pinter'sOld Times, directed by Douglas Hodge begins previews September 17 at the American Airlines Theatre to kick off our 50th Anniversary season.

Nationwide World Premiere of Prospect High: BrooklynNationwide World Premiere of Prospect High: Brooklyn
September 9, 2015

We are pleased to announce the first?ever nationwide world premiere of a new play! PROSPECT HIGH: BROOKLYN, written by Daniel Robert Sullivan and a team of New York City teenagers, was developed in partnership with Education at Roundabout and the Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowships.

Therese Raquin: Cast AnnouncedTherese Raquin: Cast Announced
September 1, 2015

I'm excited to announce complete casting for our upcoming production of Therese Raquin, directed by Evan Cabnet. Joining the previously announced Keira Knightley, Gabriel Ebert, Matt Ryan, and Judith Light, I'm thrilled to welcome David Patrick Kelly (Michaud), Jeff Still (Grivet), Mary Wiseman (Suzanne), Glynis Bell (Ensemble), Alex Mickiewicz (Ensemble), Sara Topham (Ensemble), and Ray Virta (Ensemble) to the cast.

Interview with Actress: Mamie GummerInterview with Actress: Mamie Gummer
August 27, 2015

? Education dramaturg Ted Sod speaks to Mamie Gummer about her role as Jess in Ugly Lies the Bone.

Teaching Theatrical Institute 2015Teaching Theatrical Institute 2015
August 26, 2015

Teachers and Arts Educators converged at our annual Theatrical Teaching Institute (TTI) last week - a six-day professional development opportunity. Participants experienced, practiced, and then demonstrated Roundabout's Theatrical Teaching Framework as they created lesson plans they will take into their classrooms. Our mission: Use theatre to enhance teacher practice and deepen student learning. The outcome: Fully engaged teachers who are ready to transform their classrooms.

Interview with Director: Patricia McGregorInterview with Director: Patricia McGregor
August 25, 2015

Education dramaturg Ted Sod speaks to Patricia McGregor about directingUgly Lies the Bone. Ted Sod: Where were you born and educated? When and how did you realize you wanted to become a theatre director? Did any teachers have a profound influence on you?

Interview with Playwright: Lindsey FerrentinoInterview with Playwright: Lindsey Ferrentino
August 24, 2015

Education Dramaturg Ted Sod speaks with Lindsey Ferrentino, playwright of our upcoming Roundabout Undergroud productionUgly Lies the Bone.

Virtual Reality and Ugly Lies the BoneVirtual Reality and Ugly Lies the Bone
August 13, 2015

How can you put yourself in the shoes of a person experiencing pain? The answer comes in the form of a simple bucket of ice.

Thom Yorke to create original music for Broadway!Thom Yorke to create original music for Broadway!
August 12, 2015