PHOTO FLASH: THE TRUMP CARD's Mike Daisey as Donald Trump

PHOTO FLASH: THE TRUMP CARD's Mike Daisey as Donald Trump

As reported by BroadwayWorld, master monologist and storyteller Mike Daisey has chosen to make his latest theatre piece, THE TRUMP CARD, completely free to download on the Internet and perform without paying royalties. He also granted permission for anyone to freely change and adapt the material in any way desired.

It's a move he previously made in 2012 with THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY OF Steve Jobs, based on his experience in China, where he observed the inhumane treatment of workers in the factories that manufacture iPhones and iPods, resulting in over 200 productions of the piece worldwide.

Daisey has been touring THE TRUMP CARD during the summer, and will return to New York's Joe's Pub for a performance on August 28th at 6:30pm. Visit

As described on the Joe's Pub website, "Mike Daisey takes on the reigning world heavyweight of self-mythologizing, the short-fingered vulgarian who captured a nation's heart through bullying, charm, one-syllable explosions, and occasionally telling the brutal truth: Donald J. Trump. Daisey tells Trump's story from his earliest days, tracking him as he makes himself into a new American archetype-the very first rich man famous exclusively for being rich. Instead of dismissing Trump as a simple con artist and huckster, Daisey breaks down what makes Trump tick-and in doing so illuminates the state of our American Dream and how we've sold it out."

Daisey doesn't play Donald Trump in the piece, but, as seen in the video below, there are several photos of him dressed and made up as the presidential hopeful accompanying his recent essay published by American Theatre.

"While I loathe Trump personally and politically," Daisey writes, "I have to be honest and admit that I admire his work deeply. Whether I would like to admit it or not, our jobs are cousins to one another: We both speak to audiences and control the room. The ends to which we turn our work are wildly different, but the tool sets are not. In the same way a magician must acknowledge the stagework of another master, I have to admire him. He's very good at his job, and we're taught in the theatre as artists that there is nothing rarer or sexier than true competency. Donald Trump is very, very good at being Donald Trump."

Click the Twitter post below for the full essay.

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