New Docu Series Following Broadway Actors: BEHIND THE CURTAIN Hits Kickstarter


Behind the Curtain - a new web series that aims to document the lives of some of the most talented performers in the world, working on or attempting to make it on the world's biggest stage, Broadway has just joined the popular money fundraising site - Kickstarter

As per the show's project page: 

"This show was conceptualized by myself, Danny Jordan, along with my production partner, and close friend, Andrew Spires. The idea began to take shape in October of 2009 while we were working in NYC on a docu-series for the The CW. Growing up around the performing arts, I have always been a fan of the industry and the world brought to life on the live stage. However, when shooting a scene backstage at Rock of Ages on Broadway in 2009, I became inspired in a new and exciting way. The next day, I pitched Behind the Curtain to Spires (who loved the concept), and the wheels were immediately put into motion. 29 months later; after hearing 'NO' all over town; walking away from a deal with William Morris Endeavor; numerous pitch meetings with major production companies and cable networks all telling us how the show 'should and needed to be done' -- we have decided to stay true to our original vision and produce season 1 as a web series.

Producing the show as a web series will enable us to retain the integrity of the Broadway world. We will set out to tell the real story of the countless actors, singers, and dancers who pick up their lives, and move to the harsh world that is New York City in pursuit of making their theater dreams a reality.

The cast includes a cross section of working and non-working performers, ranging from a dynamically gifted star on the rise, to a Broadway main stay; a fresh face who pounds the pavement daily competing against thousands for any Equity job she can get, to a tired, jaded veteran; a fiercely talented dancer stuck in the ensemble, to the always hustling composer/lyricist who will stop at nothing to become the greatest composer the musical theater world has ever seen.

As we document the 4 weeks leading up to the 2012 TONY Awards, viewers will see what happens from the second the curtain closes until it rises again - Jobs are being fought for and dreams are on the line. This is a world where even when you've 'made it', you know that at any moment your career could be over. The stake are high, but the rush of stepping on to that Broadway stage fuels the fire.

THE REALITY - We believe so strongly in the series' message that we have continued to invest our own money for the last 2+ years. However, without additional funding, the show will not get made, and we will need to move on. Given how inspiring and compelling these stories are, the time has come to open it up to you, the public, to assist in making the dream of producing our first original series a reality. We believe in your desire to see and hear these stories and, further, the need to ensure that these spectacularly talented performers receive the exposure they deserve. In a time when the mainstream media glorifies those who are 'famous' for doing nothing of great importance, it is critical to produce and air a series that showcases people with real talent.

With your generous monetary gift inspired by your love for the arts, live theater, and your faith in us and this project, we will be able to:

Purchase the additional gear required (camera, lighting, audio)
Hire the necessary crew (associate producer, PA's, editor, attorney)
Pay our talent (a fraction of what they deserve)
Feed the cast/crew
Secure locations in NYC
Thank you for your time and consideration. Together, we will bring this series to life.


Danny Jordan & Andrew Spires"

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