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NYMF Announces Developmental Series, Concerts, Etc.

The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) announced today the 2007 NYMF Developmental Series, Special Events and Ars Nova Concert Series.  

The Developmental Series:
Presented in partnership with the Evaluation Program of the National Music Theater Network (NYMF's parent organization), NYMF's Developmental series offers audiences the chance to share in an earlier step in the creation of six new musicals.  Two of this year's selections were scripts submitted to the Evaluation Program, which for over a decade has provided writers with professional feedback from working theater directors, music directors, and choreographers.  These two projects, which were awarded NMTN's 2007 Director's Choice Awards, receive grants to underwrite their presentations at NYMF.  All readings are $15.
Cutman: A Boxing Musical 
Book by Jared Coseglia, Music and Lyrics by Drew Brody
Story by Jared Coseglia and Cory Grant
"All his life, Ari Hoffman has dreamed of being the Welter-Weight Boxing Champion of the World.  After years of being sheltered and trained by his father in the basement of their synagogue, Ari finally turns pro, taking the boxing world by storm. However, when his promoter orchestrates a title fight on the eve of Yom Kippur, Ari chooses to fight, defying his faith and his family. With an exciting Hip-Hop/R&B-influenced score, Cutman chronicles the story of a young Jewish boxer's struggle between his ambition and his religion," state press notes.
Venue: The Barrow Group Theater (TBG), 312 West 36th Street
Performance schedule: Thursday, October 4 at 4:30pm & 8pm; Saturday, October 6 at 1pm
Book, Music & Lyrics by Brian Fountain
"The U.S. Army had a simple plan: Breed a battalion of Jesus Christ clones and turn them into elite super-soldiers. But something went wrong and one of the six million dollar messiahs escaped. Now, they must do the unthinkable: bring him home or take him down."
Venue: The Sage Theater, 711 Seventh Avenue
Performance schedule: Monday, October 1 at 4:30pm & 8pm; Friday, October 5 at 11pm
Naughty! The Musical World of Emmet Taylor Farkas
Book, lyrics and music by Leo Schwartz
"Never heard of Emmet Taylor Farkas?  Well, now you'll never forget him.  Naughty! features four actors performing 42 roles from seven of Farkas' 46 outrageous musicals.  Helen Keller sings, Peter Rabbit curses, Beaver Cleaver comes out of the closet, and a blues singer leaves her thalidomide lover for a double amputee!  It's just that type of show! NMTN 2007 Director's Choice Award Winner."
Venue: The Sage Theater, 711 Seventh Avenue
Performance schedule: Thursday, September 27 at 4:30pm & 8pm
The Cousins Grim
Book by Ted Sod; Music by Dan Martin Lyrics by Michael Biello
"The Cousins Grimm is a delightful musical comedy about Jackie and Leon, descendants of the Brothers Grimm who are adapting their ancestors' beloved stories and adding a queer sensibility to them. The Cousins Grimm learn quite a bit about themselves and their alter egos in the process; including revelations that provide a mysterious and magical ending to their work-in-progress.   Finalist: 2006 O'Neill Music Theatre Conference and Stages 2007 in Chicago."
Venue: The 45th Street Theater, 354 W 45th Street
Performance schedule: Monday, September 24 at 4:30pm & 8pm

Top of the Heap
Book, Music and Lyrics by Jeffrey Lodin & William Squier
"Top of the Heap unfolds as a musical within a musical, written in the heightened style of a golden age of television drama.  It's New York City, 1955.  Ronny Mauro is a down-and-out nightclub comic who will stop at nothing to appear on live television.  But, he soon discovers just how high a price he'll have to pay.  Starring Eddie Korbich and Marcus Neville.  NMTN 2007 Director's Choice Award winner."
Venue: The Sage Theater, 711 Seventh Avenue
Performance schedule: Wednesday, September 19 at 4:30pm & 8pm
Book and Lyrics by John Atkins; Music by William Wade
Directed by Jamibeth Margolis
"Warsaw is the story of Ana, a Polish Catholic, and her Jewish fiancé, Roman, who is placed in the Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis. With a richly harmonic and soaring score, we watch their struggle to reunite against overwhelming odds as Roman joins a small group of fighters who struggle for freedom and dignity."
Venue: The Theater at St. Clements, 423 W 46th Street
Performance schedule: Thursday, October 4 at 1pm & 5pm
NYMF Special Events:
NYMF Special Events offer limited runs to unique productions and musical theatre experiences.  This year, NYMF Special Events adapt a cult classic, look at musical theatre as an art form, and stretch their audience base to include teenagers and younger. All Special Events tickets are $20, with the exception of Suddenly Summer! tickets are $15.
Die Hard The Puppet Musical
Book & Lyrics by John Ardolino, Music by James Walton
"Somewhere between homage and parody lies the best singing-sock-puppet-themed adaptation of a late 1980's action movie you're likely to see this year. Wielding a dizzying array of shadow, bunraku and hand puppets, plus a veritable smorgasbord of gripping musical numbers, we bring you the epic tale of New York cop John McClane as he blows stuff up, befriends a local cop with a weakness for snack cakes, and kicks some serious terrorist ass to save the puppet he loves. Yippee-ki-yay, mother f***er!"
Venue: 45th Street Theatre, 354 W 45th Street
Performance schedule: Saturday, September 22 at 4:30pm & 11pm; Sunday, September 23 at 1pm
Freshly Tossed
Curators/Hosts Wendy Seyb and Mark Lonergan
"What happens when you take physical musical theatre...and mix them all together?  Find out as curators Wendy Seyb (School Daze, NYMF 2006 and But I'm a Cheerleader, NYMF 2005) and Mark Lonergan bring together some of New York's most exciting artists in search of the next evolution of musical theatre comedy."
Venue: Theater at St. Clements, 423 W 46th Street
Performance schedule: October 1 at 7pm & 9:30pm
Intervention A Teen Musical Comedy
Book by Jill Jaysen and Matt Corriel; Music and Lyrics by Matt Corriel
"A babysitting stint sparks a comedic avalanche of disinformation when an eight year old boy misinterprets his babysitter's cell phone conversation. Assuming the worst he calls her friends for help, uniting the jocks, thespians, and academics to stage a needless intervention. Rumors inflate and accusations fly as these disparate personalities ultimately learn how to put their differences aside and work together in this hilarious new musical comedy."
Venue: The Acorn Theatre, 410 W 42nd Street
Performance schedule: September 23 at 4:30pm & 8pm
Book and Lyrics by Harrison Rivers, Music by Wayne Lyle
"The clap of the hand.  The stomp of the foot.  For over a century, step dancers have used their bodies as musical instruments to create a new physical language. Step brings this explosive art form to the stage in an exciting new musical, where dance, music, and Afro-urban rhythms and rhymes relay the cultural and personal stories of a new generation… and their link to the past."
Venue: 45th Street Theatre, 354 W 45th Street
Performance schedule: September 30 at 2pm & 5pm
The Seven Year B*itch
Book and Lyrics by Sammy Buck, Music by Daniel S. Acquisito
"Fresh off their triumphant NYMF run of Like You Like It, Dan Acquisto and Sammy Buck bring you an evening of... HOLD ON.  Fresh?  Like You Like It was three years ago.  Okay, strike that.  Dan Acquisto and Sammy Buck, everyone's favorite second choice for Broadway, off-Broadway, film and TV jobs, show you what it's like to persevere, with songs ranging from wickedly funny to bitterly heartfelt.  And if you did see Like You Like It, you can find out what really happened to it and even hear some cut songs.  Other tunes about misadventures in love and work, and never winning a certain performing arts foundation grant each year, will make you feel much better about your life."
Venue: The Barrow Group Theater (TBG), 312 W 36th Street
Performance schedule: October 1 at 8pm
Suddenly Summer!

Music, Lyrics and Book by Dan Cohen
"The music is jumping, the talent's like a water slide on a hot day.  Kids will delight in the moment and you'll remember why they invented summer vacation.  So toss the shoes, catch the wave and don't forget the sunscreen!  Suddenly Summer! Music for kids that parents can stand!"  This event is $15.
Venue: The Julia Miles Theater, 424 W 55th Street
Performance schedule:  Friday, September 21 at 2pm; Saturday, September 22 at 2pm
NYMF-Ars Nova Concert Series
"This year NYMF continues its partnership with NYC's emerging artist hub, Ars Nova.  Our joint concert series and special events are designed to showcase some of NY's top theatre talents alongside musical theatre's most promising newcomers.  All events at Ars Nova (511 W 54th Street)." All tickets $20.
"Without Skin or Hair"
"Nick Jones (ringleader of the pirate puppet rock opera consortium, Jollyship the Whiz-Bang) and Benjamin Ickies (frontman of the 18-piece rock band, Ambitious Orchestra), join forces and combine bands to present new arrangements of their individual work as well as songs from their musical, Little Building."
Saturday, September 22 at 7pm
"Chopsticks Larry: A Tribute"
"Enthusiastic fans Eli Bolin & Sam Forman perform a series of outrageously funny songs by their favorite cult musical theatre composer, "Chopsticks" Larry Mendelbaum (aka Bolin & Forman).  Some Mendelbaum classics on this program include: 'Blinded By Love' (from Mendelbaum's 1971 Gay Oedipus) 'Midnight Train To Moscow' (from the infamous R&B Chekhov adaptation, Tree Sistaz!) and 'Naked Brunch' (the title song from what critics have called "the most offensive show of all time")."
Sunday, September 23 at 7pm
"Hearken to a Pie Hole"
"Songwriters Joe Iconis (2007 Kleban Award winner) and Robert Maddock team up with director John Simpkins and a cast of starry musical theater punks for a night of piano smashing music.  Full of evil M.C.'s, deligthful derelicts, hedonistic hustlers and a baby in a jar, 'Hearken to a Piehole' promises to be the most repulsively entertaining collection of songs you can imagine."
Monday, September 24 at 8pm
"Mel & El: This Show Rhymes"
"If Bette Midler, Carol Burnett and Roz Russell all got drunk and did it - Mel & El would be the result. With memorable songs like 'Nice Jewish Boys' and 'Fagnet,' 'Mel & El: This Show Rhymes' has been described as a musical Kathy & Mo meets 'Sex and the City.'  Created and performed by funny femmes Melanie Adelman and Ellie Dvorkin, with music by Patrick Spencer Bodd, Evan Toth, Kimberly Stern, Noah Diamond and Amanda Sisk."
Friday, September 28 at 8pm
"Clear Blue Tuesday"
Director Elizabeth Lucas (NYMF: The View From Here, Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy, The Last Starfighter) presents an evening of songs from the rock movie musical 'Clear Blue Tuesday,' featuring the film's extraordinary cast of actor-singer-songwriters.  Weaving together the stories of eleven New Yorkers whose lives change course after 9/11, Clear Blue Tuesday explores how we examine our own lives against the backdrop of catastrophic world events."
Saturday, September 29 at 9pm
"Jeremy Schonfeld: New York Storybook"
"A true piano man and storyteller through song, Jeremy Schonfeld (Drift, NYMF '06) chronicles New York through his richly layered blend of rock-theater fusion.  Joined by an invited cast of all-star Broadway talent, Schonfeld will demonstrate why he is quickly becoming a sensation on New York's art-rock scene."
Monday, October 1 at 8pm
"Todd Almond Loves You"
Singer-songwriter Todd Almond (People Like Us at NYMF '05) has quickly emerged as someone to watch on the theater scene.  Having performed choice roles such as Charlotte in I Am My Own Wife and the title role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Almond, joined by surprise guests, takes an evening to present his own material from favorite and upcoming projects.  With downtown rockers and theatre stars alike flocking to see Mr. Almond--this is a concert you won't want to miss!"
Thursday, October 4 at 8pm
"Daniel Reichard: Kegger '07"
Kegger is a celebration of music and beer and the stupid things that happen when you put the two together.  Fill up at the keg and join Jersey Boy Daniel Reichard and his special guests who will perform classic rock songs all night long.  Be prepared to chug beer and dance!  (This party is standing room only).
Friday, October 5 at 12pm
"Paul Scott Goodman: Songs, Stories, Friends"
Since his splash onto the New York scene with his 1999 musical Bright Lights Big City, Paul Scott Goodman's work has developed a cult following.  Join the singer/songwriter and his special guests, who will perform some of his greatest hits from Bright Lights Big City, Rooms (NYMF '05) and his forthcoming musical, Alive In the World (NYMF '06 Developmental Series).  Music Direction by Jesse Vargas.  Directed by Scott Schwartz.
Saturday, October 6 at 8pm
"Junk in the Trunk"
As Lin-Manuel Miranda prepares to take In the Heights to Broadway in March 2008, he dives into his trunk and serves up songs from his past, present, future.  'Junk In The Trunk' will be performed by Miranda and cast members of In the Heights, with internationally renowned beatboxer Shockwave providing tasty beats and a bevy of special guests to be announced.
Sunday, October 7 at 7pm

"The New York Musical Theatre Festival is," according to press notes, "the enormously popular three-week celebration that features the works of the newest generation of musical theatre writers.  One of the fastest-growing theatre festivals in the country today, the New York Musical Theatre Festival has, in three short years, presented a total of 99 new musicals, many of which have gone on to subsequent productions at Off-Broadway and regional theatres around the country."
"Already this past season in New York , two musicals from past Festivals – The Big Voice: God or Merman (NYMF '04) and Gutenberg! The Musical (NYMF '06) – have played successful runs Off-Broadway, joining other transfers [title of show], Captain Louie? The Great American Trailer Park Musical and Shout the Mod Musical.  Two more – Nerds://A Musical Software Satire and Meet John Doe - enjoyed a successful regional runs in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C, Party Come Here (NYMF '06) will be presented this summer at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and Tom Kitt's musical Feeling Electric (NYMF '05), now titled Next to Normal will be presented at Second Stage Theatre's upcoming season.  NYMF's 2004 hit Altar Boyz is now in its third year and recently celebrated its 1,000th performance Off-Broadway at New World Stages."
Hailed as 'the Sundance of Musical Theatre,' NYMF is widely regarded as the essential source for new material and talent discovery.  NYMF is a flagship program of The National Music Theater Network, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and is presented by and Microsoft Health Services, in association with amNewYork, Ars Nova, GSD Productions, King Displays, Panasonic Astrovision, Playbill and Verizon Wireless, and is proudly supported by Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Broadway Bullet,,, Choice Signs, City Theatricals, Frank & Camille's Fine Pianos, HX Magazine, Port Authority of NY and NJ, Seasons of Savings, Tekserve,, TheMENevent, Virgin Megastore and Wybron. NYMF is made possible with public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

Tickets for the 2007 festival are now available and bookings are open for those who purchased NYMF memberships.  Memberships are affordably priced and are available from $60 to $250.  Single tickets ($20) are available to the general public on September 1 and can be purchased by calling 212-352-3101 or

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