Music Review: Keala Settle Settles For Nothing Less Than Perfection With IMPERFECT

Embracing Imperfection

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Click HereHeigh Ho, dear lovely rainbow tribe, welcome back to Bobby's CD sandbox where we offer our broken-down breakdowns of new music releases. So, strap in and get ready, as Bobby goes on the record ABOUT the record.

Ladies & Gentlemen & Rainbow Children everywhere, please allow us to introduce to you, Keala Settle! What? ... What's that you say?... You're saying, "Why Bobby! This singing actress has been around for ages and needs no introduction." Well, she did for little Bobby, who must shamefacedly admit that in all the years Ms. Settle has been on our NYC stages (and on the big screen) we have missed her wonderful work. She simply passed us in both lanes and escaped our notice ... But no more!! With the release of her new single IMPERFECT, and after half a dozen listens right in a row, we have settled on Settle as our new diva. Written by the lady and three collaborators - Nina Woodford-Wells (@ninawoodfordwells), James Abrahart (@jhartmusic), and Greg Wells (@sirgregwells) - this song was recorded a few years ago, and then Settle sat on it. But she is now ready for a new chapter and IMPERFECT is her first few phrases.

The Performance - It is a song with a bit of a bounce to it with great percussion and layering of her voice in the mix. For those who watched the Oscars the year Keala sang the big Oscar-nominated song from THE GREATEST SHOWMAN on the broadcast (Bobby did not see it - clearly), you all know that she has a FAB Belt of a voice and, in that voice, this song is completely listen-able AND danceable. This gorgeous lady has a tremendous pop sound and sense of style that is really today, along with a commitment to sing each and every note in exciting ways. One would not be surprised if she could also sing the most challenging of opera repertoires. Her shouts are high, thrilling, and sustained, her midrange, dramatic with hints of a chest rumble. The lyrics are about love's crash that enlivens and destroys obstacles, and the poetry is solid verse. "You pulled me out of the shadows..." etc. all woven into the fierce dance beat with real emotional power.

The Story - It's about two people who have been through the ecstasy of love and the fire, holding thoughts inside of, "I expected you to leave me, but you stayed," as if to say my broken heart is OURS, not just mine, and now I'm done... because we love each other for good now. OR "We both thought we would chase each other away, but we are both still here through it all. Love is imperfect but I love the perfect you." These feelings are too much to leave and the story of this song is of love's triumph.

Bobby has certainly missed the Keala Settle train up to now, but we have caught up and, my dearlings, we suggest you hop on as well as this performer, and this song, IMPERFECT, gets ...

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