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Meet the Cast of SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW-Now in Previews on Broadway!

SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW is officially in previews on Broadway! Returning to the New York stage for the first time in over a decade to delight a whole new generation of theatergoers, the singular troupe of SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW brings its spellbinding and romantically wistful theatrical adventure back stateside for the holiday season. Unleashing a breathtaking artistic thrill ride for audiences of all ages and languages, the show offers a dreamlike vision that overflows with magical dynamism and humorous antics, set within an absurd and surrealistic world. Each scene paints a picture: an unlikely shark swimming in a misty sea; heart-breaking goodbyes on a railway platform; an entire audience enveloped in a gigantic web; a wave of vibrant balloons bouncing off the fingertips of theatergoers; and a world-renowned roaring snowstorm of a finale that's sure to leave audiences spellbound.

The Snowshow company is made up of a number of clowns; it is rarely known in advance which clowns will perform at which performances.

As the cast gets ready for the start of performances tonight, get to know the company!

Slava's SnowshowSlava Polunin (Creator)

Slava Polunin was born in the Orlovskiy region of Russia on June 12th, 1950. He moved to Leningrad where he studied the art of mime on his own while attending the Institute of Culture in Leningrad. Through creating comedic physical/visual pieces, Slava quickly became an icon of Russian culture. In the early 80's, Polunin created his own legendary theatre company, Licedei, where his yellow clown character, "ASISSAI" was born. In 1991, Polunin closed Licedei and started branching into solo work. In 1993, this solo work became SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW, which has been performed thousands of times to millions of people in hundreds of cities. Over the years, Slava and the Snowshow have been presented with approximately 20 of the world's most prestigious theatrical awards, including the Laurence Olivier, Drama Desk, Triumph and Golden Nose awards. Slava is an artistic director and producer of full-scale events and festivals where he unites hundreds of artists across disciplines to create massive events and celebrations. In 2013, Slava became Artistic Director of the oldest and biggest circus in Russia, The Bolshoi Saint-Petersburg State Circus. After studying all kinds of acting, Slava took an unexpected turn... not stage performances, but life itself became the focus of his attention. The Moulin Jaune in France is Slava's creative laboratory: a union of everyday life, nature and art, with no boundaries between them. In this dreamlike environment, the colorful gardens, backwards-flowing river, set of keys for no door in particular, and singing moon allow for a myriad of foolish encounters and experiments of all kinds. Crowds of guests can experience the treasures of the Dressing-Upping room, a vast amount of tools for work and play, an infinitely wide collection of books and films, a fully equipped theatre, indoor and outdoor stages, and the heart-warming heat of the kitchen for the hungry fools.

Slava's SnowshowArtem Zhimo

Artem Zhimo grew up in Yaroslavl, where he couldn't imagine that one day, Slava's "Ship of Fools" would reach the shore of his town and take him on board as a full-time member of the Snowshow family. His Green Clown is simple, funny and dreamy; his Yellow Clown passionate, delicate and timid. Artem learned the art of cabaret at The Magic Lamp, but Snowshow opened him to extraordinary opportunities and discoveries in the world of fantasy - the only place to learn the secrets of craftsmanship and magic!

Slava's SnowshowRobert Saralp

Robert Saralp portrays his characters, ranging from eccentric (The Government Inspector) to serious (Shakespearean heroes) with depth and awe. He attended Vakhtangov Acting School, where he realized his true talent for being a clown. In 1991 he founded "Butterfly," a clown theater that toured widely in Russia and abroad. He has been one of the leading performers in Slava's company since 1996. Robert has also directed several critically acclaimed short films.

Slava's SnowshowVanya Polunin

Vanya Polunin is an actor, model and designer. Vanya first appeared on stage with his father at age 1 and has been touring with his family ever since. He represents a generation of Snowshow clowns that grew up with the show, learned from it, and developed their own unique clowning language. He's been part of every festival, carnival and project created by Slava. Vanya has designed installations, furniture items and clothes, and contributed to creation of Slava's Moulin Jaune.

Slava's SnowshowGeorgiy Deliyev

Georgiy Deliyev is the leader of the Ukrainian Performing group "MASKI," creator of TV comedy "Maski Show," award-winning actor, director, writer, musician and painter. Georgiy can be seen in The Tuner, 7 days with the Russian Beauty and Zwölf Stühle. He is the Member of the Russian Academy of Cinematographic Arts, the Academy of Fools, and was Deputy of the Odessa City Council. Since 1984 he has been collaborating with Slava, both with Licedei and SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW.

Slava's SnowshowAelita West

When asked about her birthday, Aelita names two dates: 1967 (the year she was born) and 2002 (when she joined Slava Polunin's company). She spent years studying and working at the Oleg Kiselev improv theatre, acting with the Moscow youth theatre, and appearing in film, but Aelita believes that her real life began as a clown in the snows of the Snowshow. Her Green Clown resembles her: he is just as focused, just as serious...and that's what makes him so terribly funny.

Slava's SnowshowBradford West

Bradford West is an American actor, playwright, musician, and composer. He has toured throughout the United States and internationally in various theatre productions. He can be seen in the British crime thriller Shame the Devil, and his voice can be heard the Cold Mountain soundtrack. He appeared on the 2004 Academy Awards show with Elvis Costello and Alison Krauss. Bradford joined the Snowshow in 2004, performing as a Green Clown here in New York and has toured the world with the Snowshow company ever since.

Slava's SnowshowAlexandre Frish

Alexandre Frish is the bricklayer of the Soviet Russian Circus whose devil-may-care tap-dance and brick juggling act sparked the imaginations of audiences worldwide. His name can be found in circus encyclopedias from his work as a solo act, ring master, and ring announcer. No matter what he does, he creates a fascinating atmosphere of joy all around. In addition to performing in SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW, he is a producer and director of circus festivals and events around the globe.

Slava's SnowshowNikolai Terentiev

Nikolai Terentiev has been collaborating with Slava Polunin since 1968. He toured the world with the group Licedei for over a decade. Nikolai was Artistic Director of the clown-mime-ballet group Puzyr and clowning group Booffshow. In 2000, Nikolai joined Cirque du Soleil to perform in Allegria. In 2003 he renewed his cooperation with Slava and joined the Snowshow team as the Green Clown.

Slava's SnowshowFrancesco Bifano

Francesco Bifano has always been amazed by the world and its strangeness. He tries to exemplify this wonder through art, specifically theatre and clowning. Prior to boarding the SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW ship of fools, he performed in theatrical events, television shows, and films. He views the ship of fools an approach to life and a glimmer toward the joy of existence. When he isn't clowning, he is writing an epic-tragic-absurd-hopeful script on Power and Humanity and a romantic-criminal screenplay on the transmutation of blood-inheritances.

Slava's SnowshowSpencer Chandler

Spencer Chandler is a veteran of the original Off-Broadway production of Snowshow at Union Square, the heroic Broadway production of 2009, and several memorably tasty tours of Europe. When not clowning, you might catch him watching reruns of Law & Order, plucking mandolin at Irish pubs, performing in Yiddish theater, teaching Tai Chi, or playing accordion from sea to shining sea. He dedicates this production to his children.

Slava's SnowshowElena Ushakova

Elena Ushakova is one of the co-creators and a member of the original cast of SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW. She first joined Licedei Theatre in 1978, and has been Slava's assistant and a participant in his projects ever since. Since the Snowshow's creation in 1995, she's served as the production's general manager. Elena has also assisted Slava in the planning and execution of projects including films, books, festivals, carnivals and shows.

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