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Marcelo Fruet and Os Cozinheiros to Play Bar 4 in Brooklyn, 3/29

Marcelo Fruet and Os Cozinheiros to Play Bar 4 in Brooklyn, 3/29

Marcelo Fruet is an emerging Brazilian artist of the New MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) movement. He and his band *Os Cozinheiros* came all the way from the south of Brazil to play at SXSW 2013 and do some special sets in the US. This set is part of the release of their second album, *AIÓN*.

On Friday, March 29th, they will perform at Bar 4, 444 7th Avenue, Booklyn, NY. The show is free and starts 10:00 PM. For more information, visit

Based in Porto Alegre, Brazil's largest southern city, Marcelo Fruet & Os Cozinheiros are a unique mix of influences. The world-famous Brazilian legacy of bossa nova and samba, Tropicália, rock, jazz, and folk all figure into their work. But they are undeniably a part of their own particular region: the south of Brazil, where they have also absorbed the regional border influences that make their music unique.

The Cozinheiros are led by guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and studio wizard Marcelo Fruet, who has won multiple honors including an Açorianos award for Producer of the Year and Best Original Soundtrack at the Gramado Film Festival. The Cozinheiros' second disc, *AIÓN*, made multiple best-of-2012 lists in Brazilian newspapers, alongside such artists as Caetano Veloso and Leonard Cohen. Fruet's songs have also appeared on *Big Brother Brazil*, one of the country's highest-rated shows.

The term "AIÓN", derived from ancient Greek, is used to refer to a time different from the chronological one, which can't be measured by its quantity, but by quality. On the other hand, the graphic design of the album, created by the artist Indio San, is inspired by physics: mixing graphic lines with the "eye of the beholder."** These are two main axes, which put Marcelo Fruet's musical work in motion: time and illusion. It wasn't by accident that the album was first released in Japan, where time begins earlier, on Brazil's tomorrow. Defying logic, "AIÓN" was born in the future and upside down.

The album has 14 + 1 tracks: 13 original, a version for Jards Macalé's song "Mal Secreto" and one bonus track. Most of the songs are written in Portuguese, but there's a few in English. One of them, "Song For Tom", mixes both languages and appears to be a faithful representative of the artist's work. Each track has a slightly different flavor and you can find instruments as tympanis, cavaquinho, sitar and trombone, in some. And there's also the Atlanta's composer Andy Ditzler playing the piano in two tracks.

By the way, the word "Cozinheiros" means "cooks" in Portuguese, their native language.

** The "eye of the beholder" is the figure of an eye used in physics optical schemes to represent the position of the subject related to the object and the image or mirror.

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