Lisa Pellegrene Publishes Book Of Poetic Prose Entitled 'Be Epic, Choose Love'

Lisa Pellegrene Publishes Book Of Poetic Prose Entitled 'Be Epic, Choose Love'

Some know, TV/Film Professional Lisa Pellegrene for her work as talent when she appeared as a spokesperson for Catalina Island on Travel Channel's "Top Ten Southern California Beaches" segment, where she swam, snorkeled, kayaked and spoke about Catalina island on a series episode which ran a span of ten years on the Travel Channel Network. Many know Pellegrene in terms of her animal welfare advocacy efforts on a nationwide basis for all animals. She is also a long term vegan and was part of the V-girls/V-guys Project based in Los Angeles, as a model contributor. This was a Los Angeles based project that was developed by Melissa Schwartz to give actresses, athletes, and entrepreneurs, and other inspiring members of the vegan community, the opportunity to be featured to speak about why choosing an ethical, compassionate vegan lifestyle is important to each of them. The project focused on celebrating the "strength, beauty and diversity" of the vegan community. Most importantly the project was developed to provide a much needed voice for the animals and to encourage others to choose compassion for all sentient beings.

After 15 plus years as a strategic consultant for filmmakers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and artists, Lisa Pellegrene in recent years additionally focuses on assisting other talented and inspiring individuals and companies to further their reach, through her work as both a publicist and journalist. Additionally, Pellegrene assists authors with manuscript editing and assistance with self publishing and with the query process for authors who would like to secure a literary agent.

After a career in production and writing on various projects also, Pellegrene conceptualized Peace, Love, Unity Dance Troupe TV to feature various inspiring music artists in each forthcoming episode and to develop a hip hop and ballet dance troupe. Lisa Pellegrene stated in a recent interview that she knows that "music has the ability to inspire, heal hearts and even provide encouragement to others." Continuing to state, "I know many have a love for music and dance, and there are so many talented artists who are musicians, dancers and writers for example who are yet to be discovered." This project will feature some amazing up and coming music artists. Pellegrene is the Director of Peace, Love, Unity Dance Troupe TV which will rel-launch in 2019 with a forthcoming nationwide and international distribution.

"Be Epic, Choose Love" is a book of lyrical poetic prose, written and published by Lisa Pellegrene. Pellegrene provided all original photography for the full color glossy paperback and e-book as well. The book provides "encouragement to others," according to her industry peers and reminds all of us about the importance of proceeding with love, compassion, empathy, truth and kindness for all sentient beings.

"Be Epic, Choose Love" is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle, and it is available on on Nook and in a full color paperback. Additional distribution sources for Pellegrene's book include, Apple's iBook, Baker and Taylor, Tolino, Playster, bibliotheca, Kobo, Scribd, 24symbols, and Overdrive. Hardback signed copies of this inspirational book of lyrical, poetic prose may be requested from author, Lisa Pellegrene directly via her website, by completing the contact form on the site. According to a colleague he describes her book as "unique and fresh, contemporary poetic prose" and as "a fantastic book to read whenever you need inspiration or simply for the reassurance that love truly exists, and as a reminder of why we should always be epic and choose love."

One of many inspiring excerpts from Pellegrene's book "Be Epic, Choose Love" includes, "standing tall and indefatigable as the angel oak tree, with kindness and love and truth that radiates from you and from me. All sentient beings, human and animal deserve to be happy, healthy and free. Choose love for all, it is how it's mean to be."

According to Lisa Pellegrene, and as stated in her book, there will be additional volumes of inspirational poetic prose to follow by Pellegrene, she states, "check back for volume two, the inspiration stays true and I have many more inspirational epic poetic prose to share with all of you. Continuing, "remember choose love for it sustains, it's how you make it through the torrential rain. You don't just sustain, you rise up to see, a need to be epic, which is to be a sentient being based in love, peace, kindness, empathy and tranquility.

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