LETTERMAN Presents 'Top 10 Ways to Mispronounce Idina Menzel'

LETTERMAN Presents 'Top 10 Ways to Mispronounce Idina Menzel'

John Travolta confused a worldwide audience Sunday night when he mispronounced the name of 'Let It Go' singer and Broadway star Idina Menzel on Oscar night. The embarrassing error however, made great fodder for late night TV hosts, including David Letterman who presented the "Top Ten Ways To Mispronounce Idina Menzel" on Monday, March 3, 2014.

Watch the clip here and check out the humorous list below:

10. Idrizzle Menzezzle

9. Liza Menzelli

8. Is That A Gazelle?

7. Canned Meat From Hormel

6. Philippe Navarro

5. Medellin Cartel

4. The Real Philomenzel

3. Idling Mazda

2. Insalata Mista

1. Travolta Means Well

Following the flub Sunday night, Slate created the Adele Dazeem Name Generator. Users can enter his or her name in Slate's widget and, as the website puts it, "Travoltify" it. The resulting name is the way the actor might say it on a live Oscar broadcast. Check it out here!

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