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International Raelian Movement to Stage Worldwide Protests of Artist Long Yue's Ban from Public Shows in China

In an official statement released this morning by the International Raelian Movement (IRM), Maitreya Rael, its spiritual leader, has asked the IRM's 90,000-strong international membership, along with all freedom and art lovers worldwide, to protest at Chinese embassies, demanding that the Chinese Government lift its ban on Long Yue, "a [Raelian] artist whose only crime is to believe in UFOs, so that she can promote her art freely."

"Long Yue, also known as Lotus, is a brilliant, young artist from China, and she had been invited to participate in a national television show broadcast from Beijing a few days ago," explained Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, IRM spokesperson. "She was all set to be on the show when the police notified her that she would never be able to perform in any Chinese national theater or TV show because she belongs to the Chinese Raelian Movement."

Boisselier said two years have already passed since Lotus and other Chinese Raelians were investigated by police following a Raelian meeting in Beijing.

"Lotus was put on a so-called 'sensitive list' that effectively prevents her from being a public artist in her own country," Boisselier exclaimed. "This is especially outrageous because our Raelian philosophy is an atheistic one that promotes peace, love and access to technology for all. In fact, the Raelian Movement has often expressed its support to the Chinese government for some of its foreign affairs policies and its position that religious superstitions should not cloud Chinese political and social life. Our philosophy is therefore compatible with many Chinese positions and attracts many Chinese since it is especially well adapted to the realities of modern Chinese society. We deeply hope that Chinese Raelians can contribute fully to the society rather than being banned like Lotus is at the moment. And of course, we hope the Chinese government will reexamine its position on Lotus herself and lift this ban on her public appearances."

Boisselier said worldwide protests organized by the IRM will be held Monday, Jan. 13, in front of Chinese embassies in many major cities.

SOURCE Raelian Movement

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