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Finding Feyer- Charming Artist Sets The Tone For 2019

Finding Feyer- Charming Artist Sets The Tone For 2019

Electro Rock artist Feyer takes center stage on his new single for "Stuck in a Video Game." The notable first listen for many, dives deep into his creative process and proves to be no short of incredible. His vocals are perfect throughout the track which has us intrigued to hear more from the Pop induced artist.

Feyer constructs his unique sound by combining personal yet theatrical lyrics with a classically influenced melodic and instrumental style, coupled with electronic-rock production. Key components of Feyer's style are the merger of retro and futuristic sounds and the incorporation of visual elements into the mix, drawing great influence from nostalgic cartoons, video games, and live projections. Now based back in NYC, Feyer has showcased this music at many of the city's well-known venues such as Mercury Lounge, Bowery Electric, Knitting Factory, and Sunnyvale to name a few.

There's no other person we'd rather be "Stuck in a Video Game" with then Feyer so listen in below!

Catch the track on all digital outlets out now and stream the singe below:

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