Wolf Hall: Parts 1 & 2
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Extensive New 'In Pursuit Of Power' Video Series For WOLF HALL

Go inside the story of WOLF HALL!

The critically acclaimed Broadway production of WOLF HALL PARTS 1 & 2 celebrates its multiple Tony nominations including Best Play in a fascinating new video series titled "In Pursuit Of Power" that is now available to view.

The official description of WOLF HALL PARTS 1 & 2 is as follows: "THE NOVELS, BY TWO-TIME MAN BOOKER PRIZE WINNER HILARY MANTEL, WON MULTIPLE HONORS AND BECAME WORLD-FAMOUS, BEST-SELLING SENSATIONS. The plays sold out at Stratford-upon-Avon and quickly transferred to London, where they received critical raves, broke box office records and triumphed as the West End's biggest hit plays. WOLF HALL Parts 1 & 2 is coming to Broadway for a strictly limited engagement! Performed in repertory, Hilary Mantel's exhilarating stories of power and persuasion IN TUDOR ENGLAND will transport audiences to the volatile court of King Henry VIII, where words cut like steel and the shadow of the Tower loomed over all. You cannot afford to miss the most thrilling theatrical event of the season, WOLF HALL Parts 1 & 2. PART 1: WOLF HALL. England, 1527. The court of Henry VIII is in upheaval as the King rages over his lack of a male heir. But when Henry's anger turns to passion for the alluring Anne Boleyn, the Pope refuses to grant him an annulment from his wife, Katherine of Aragon. Into the fray steps Thomas Cromwell, a shrewd and ambitious politician, who realizes that the man who gets Anne into Henry's bed will win the favor of the Crown. Using charm, deception and wit, Cromwell will climb the thorny ladder of power and bring the King what he most desires. PART 2: BRING UP THE BODIES. Anne Boleyn is now the queen of Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell has become the King's chief adviser...and chief fixer. Anne has failed to deliver Henry a male heir, and the King turns his eyes towards a new conquest, Jane Seymour. Thomas Cromwell realizes his only hope to satisfy the hot-blooded Henry, and survive the deadly intrigue of the court, is to align with his greatest enemies. But whose head will pay for his ruthless ambition?"

More information on WOLF HALL is available at the official site here.

View the new video series for WOLF HALL on Broadway below.

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