DANCING WITH THE STARS: Who is the Proud Owner of a Mirror Ball Trophy?! Recap 11/25; FULL RESULTS!

Well, folks...tonight's the big night! We crown a new Mirror Ball Trophy winner and I couldn't be more excited! It has been such a fun and entertaining season and I'm actually kind of sad to see it go! The three finalist performing tonight for their shot at being the Season 19 champion are Sadie Robertson and her partner Mark Ballas, Janel Parrish & Val Chmerkovskiy, and legitimately the last man standing, Alfoso Ribeiro and his partner Winey Carson. As I mentioned in last night's recap, I want to keep everything a surprise, so I won't say anything about what to expect during tonight's dances.

The finale event started off with an energetic opening number showcasing the three finalists. Then it was revealed that the theme of the night is 24 hour fusion, where each couple received a song and two styles of dance needed to be fused together. Man, I am really excited to see how those turn out! Performing tonight are Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas (*insert fangirl squeal here*), as weell as this past season's contestants!

Randy and Kaina performed a lovely Foxtrot after the break. Then Nick Jonas performed his Top 40 hit "Jealous" and I may or may not have sang along at the top of my lungs...I may be a very huge Jonas fan.

Janel and Val danced their "West Side Story" routine to welcome us back from another commercial break. Immidiately after, Season 19 alums Jonathan and Allison (with help from Allison's husband) took the stage with their Jazz number to Pitbull's "Back in Time." It was so great seeing those two again! Betsey and Tony also came back to redo their "Material Girls" Cha Cha...and no feather boa malfunctions occured!

Michael and Emma also returned with a fun Cha Cha to "Born to Be Wild" inspired by Michael's career. Next, third Cha Cha performed by Antonio and Cheryl occured. SO MANY CHA CHAS. And then an adorable skit paying tribute to the FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR starring the final four finalists. was shown and I couldn't help but laugh. Jennifer Hudson took the stage next with a new up-beat dance songcalled "Go All Night." She sounded and looked fantastic! Plus, I was pleasantly surprised by the song because I wouldn't have expected Jennifer Hudson to sing a song like that one, but it was great!

These commercial breaks make me SO antsy! I just want to see these fusion dances they keep talking about! As much as I'm enjoying the performances, we're almost an hour in and we haven't had any finale related dances, scores or results.

Alfonso and Witney recreated their nostalgic "It's Not Unusual" Jazz number coming back from the break and even got the judges and audience to participate by joining them during "the Carlton." That was really cool to see. Lea and Artem returned to the DWTS stage to perform a dance to "Maneater." Then the female pros were showcased to Fifth Harmony's "Bo$$."

Allison, Keo and Artem: the newest members of the DANCING WITH THE STARS family greeted audiences with a hot motorcycle dance number to Pharell's "Come Get it Bae." The hotness did not subside as crowd favorite Tommy Chong and his partner Peta danced a Cha Cha to Snoop Dogg (Lion?) smash hit "Drop it Like it's Hot."

There was a brief moment when the show returned when everyone wished Bruno a Happy Birthday, and all of us here at BroadwayWorld also want to wish him a Happy Birthday! Bethany and Derek recreated their intense aso Doble wuth the help of some other pro dancers. Meghan Trainor rocked the DWTS stage with a medley of "All About That Bass" and "Lips Are Moving," which made me really happy because I'm really into her sound. There was a small final three package where each contestant revealed what they thought were their competition's best strengths. I liked that they showcased the positive rather than tearing their competition down.

FINALLY we get to the 24 hour Fusion performances!

Sadie & Mark
Fusion: Samba & Quickstep
Song: "Nitty Gritty"
My 5-second review: I loved this so much! I think it really brought out Sadie's personality.
Judges' score: 40/40

Janel & Val
Fusion: Foxtrot & Paso Doble
Song: "Hideaway"
My 5-second review: Everything I could possibly ask for in a Janel & Val dance!
Judges' score: 40/40

Alfonso & Witney
Fusion: Cha Cha & Argentine Tango
Song: "Shut Up and Dance"
My 5 second review: I love that the two of them always leave it all on the dance floor, and this dance was the epitome of that.
Judges' score: 40/40

After the Fusion performances, there was a touching package where the final three stars were thanking the pros they worked with all season, and I got a little emotional myself. Is anyone else biting their nails during this elimination?? Third place was rewarded to Janel and Val. And after combining votes and judges' scores, the winner of Season 19 of DANCING WITH THE STARS is...


Congratulations to all who participated during this season of DANCING WITH THE STARS, and thank you to all of the readers who shared the experience with me live the entire time!

Until Season 20!

This race is too close for me to try to predict who will win, but we all know who I'm rooting for! Find out along with me when the DANCING WITH THE STARS special event starts! It all begins with "The Road to the Finals" at 8/7c and the Finals begin at 9/8c on ABC!

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