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CREATIVITY IN REVOLT Live Stream & Listening Party Announced

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CREATIVITY IN REVOLT Live Stream & Listening Party Announced

On Sunday, June 21 (1pm PST), the album The Heart of the Soul Pt. 2 (30 min.) will be premiered through an experimental livestream interactive video platform. Sponsored by KMHD 89.1 FM, Vortex Music Magazine & Ghtoblst, all donations from the event will go to three Portland groups challenging systemic racism and working for a more just, equal, and representative society that prioritizes peoples' lives and culture over private property interests. Tune in on June 21 to support these groups and Portland community-engaged artists.

The release accommodates social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and represents an exploration into alternative forms of creativite interaction, funding, and music distribution.

Register/RSVP for the event here (FREE):

The event will be streamed live at

The new album The Heart of the Soul Pt. 2 is written from the chronological perspective of a child. It's a pop "concept record" that pulls from romanticism, coming of age myths, political dissonance, and the struggles of establishing one's Self. The album was conceptualized and written by Samuel Eisen-Meyers and created starting in January 2020, with the help of a long list of creative artists, poets, activists and musicians in Portland, OR. The album captures a sense of intimacy and storytelling through electronic production and uplifting melodies. Combining live instrumentation with storytelling, it weaves a multilayered conversation with one's inner child, teenager, and adult - to the sound of autotune, background singing, activism, poetry and samples.


Hosting and media sponsorship by KMHD 89.1, Vortex Magazine, and GHTOBLST has provided a space for local designers and animators to create a visual backdrop for this eight track concept album. The live viewing experience will weave together light washes, color formatting, design and music video. As the album plays, viewers will experience the record in its entirety, while directly funding creatives and action.

THE BLACK ORDER is a new resource allocation group focused on movement building, education and community infrastructure surrounding the current protest movement happening in Portland, OR. This group of artists and intellectuals has helped shape, support and plan the movement through organization, security, food, health and resources, infrastructure support and logistical backend and frontend. Their goal is to reinforce BIPOC prosperity and community empowerment through creative action.

PUEBLO UNIDO is a non-profit organization that supports Portland metro community members in the fight against deportation. They connect clients to adequate legal representation and help gather evidence to strengthen cases against removal.
Legal representation is the single most predictive factor in whether a person will avoid deportation, secure more stable status, and achieve the right to remain in their community. Because immigration is civil-not criminal-court, however, the government does not provide legal counsel to those who cannot afford to hire their own. As a result, most people facing removal are forced to represent themselves, and are ultimately less likely to prevail against deportation. Pueblo Unido organized in April 2017 in response to this injustice to keep families and our communities together.

PORTLAND REFUGEE SUPPORT GROUP is a secular, volunteer-run, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Since being founded in 2016, PRSG has grown by leaps and bounds. Our amazing team of volunteers helps over 80 refugee families, over 300 individuals of different ethnicities throughout the Portland area and Salem, and Vancouver. They offer support services to refugees who come through resettlement agencies like Catholic Charities. PRSG is dedicated to working with refugees by empowering them to become independent and effective members of society through education, psycho-social support, and life skills training. PRSG understands the difficulties refugees face trying to acclimate to a new life. They believe that with the right support, refugees will adjust faster and be able to survive on their own in their new homes.

Tune in on June 21 to support these groups and Portland community-engaged artists.

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