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BroadwayWorld Readers Pick Their Most Inspiring LGBTQ+ Characters

All month long, BroadwayWorld is celebrating Pride! As part of the festivities we polled our readers to find out your picks for the most inspirational LGBTQ+ characters in theatrical history!

Check out the list below!


BroadwayWorld Readers Pick Their Most Inspiring LGBTQ+ Characters

"Celie! [from The Color Purple]" @BenWambeke

"Emma and Alyssa from The Prom will always hold a special place in my heart. I relate to them so very much- at the end of the day, all they wanted was to be together without the judgement and fear of not being accepted." @plsfindkathy

"Collins! Especially Brandon Victor Dixon's performance in RENT live. If you have not seen the "I'll Cover You (reprise)" you are missing out!" @mrsyurko

"The lesbians (Charlotte and Cordelia) from Falsettos. They bring a drop of sun into some of the darker parts of the show. Also, their entrance into act two is iconic!" @broadwaydreamn

BroadwayWorld Readers Pick Their Most Inspiring LGBTQ+ Characters

"All of the Alisons from Fun Home!! That show inspired me to come out to my family and seeing Al become more confident in her identity as time went on gave me hope that I could have that confidence in myself one day too." @ificouldtellher

"Rifkele and Manke from Indecent and The God of Vengeance. '...a play that shrouds us in a deep, deep fog of human depravity. And then, like a lighthouse, those two girls. That's a beacon I will remember.'" @missjennyjames

"Arnold [Torch Song Trilogy] is one of the best Broadway parents ever." @FTSGooen


"I relate most to Jordan from Significant Other, and in those final moments of that show, I realize that I may be okay too." Paul Columbo

BroadwayWorld Readers Pick Their Most Inspiring LGBTQ+ Characters

"Barry Glickman, The Prom" Ken Finkelstein

Dr. Frankenfurter [from The Rocky Horror Show] 'Don't Dream it, Be it!'" Vini Costanzo

"Angel from Rent. Angel was the definition of love and kindness wrapped into a beautiful human being with a heart of gold. She saw the best in everyone and lived life to the fullest." Mandee Leigh Howard

Kevin T. from Come From Away- 'Every year on September 11th, I close my office and give each employee $100 to go do random good deeds for strangers. It's my way of remembering what happened.'" Kyrie J. Timbrook

"Damien from Mean Girls- he's just so unapologetically himself and I have always admired that about him." Danica Landerman

"The entire cast of Mart Crowley's groundbreaking play The Boys in the Band" John Alecca

BroadwayWorld Readers Pick Their Most Inspiring LGBTQ+ Characters

"Marvin from Falsettos as he shows that not all gay people are flamboyant and lesbians, gays and bisexuals are average, normal people." Hannah Kretschmer

"Whizzer from Falsettoland." Len Fredericks

"Pamela from Head Over Heels. She's gorgeous and she knows it. She doesn't give in to pressure to just marry someone, she knows she has to find the perfect person for her... Who turns out to be Mopsa. Yes, she has to have her own personal journey to get there... But she does get there!" Becca Jean

"Max from Bent." Steve Fogelman

"Definitely Lola from Kinky Boots. Her energy, her confidence, her journey all inspire me and fill me with joy." Lemieux Mari


"Frankie from Jagged Little Pill! She's a black queer woman like me who isn't afraid to speak her mind." @heartofbwayBroadwayWorld Readers Pick Their Most Inspiring LGBTQ+ Characters

"Michael Carrey from Billy Elliot!" @peytonowen_18

"Not Broadway, but West End - Jamie New from Everybody's Talking About Jamie." @roryisafreakingnerd

"Jo from Jagged Little Pill. Jo is such a strong character and they will express themself because that's who they are and they will stand up for themself and others. Jo is sooooooooo powerful and everybody should just take a second and really try to connect with Jo and their message in the show." @turtle.10

"Prior Walter from Angels in America - More Life!!!" @ryangrippi

"I know it's not on Broadway (yet, fingers crossed next year it transfers), but May from & Juliet" @mrdenhamjeans

"Construction Worker and Police Officer from Emojiland. Their love and song is... immaculate." @afiqqfaisal

"Gordon in A New Brain as he still writes songs for Mr Bungee, even though he has a brain tumor." @broadwayart18

BroadwayWorld Readers Pick Their Most Inspiring LGBTQ+ Characters

"Albin from La Cage aux Folles. 'I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses.' What could be more beautiful and have more power than being able to say that an mean it." @rebeccaeai

"Peter from Bare: A Pop Opera! A cannon lgbtq+ character and it's the entire story! Not just something thrown in the background! His struggle is heartbreaking but really relatable to lots of people. And he comes out of it a stronger person who is not ashamed anymore, it's a great arc." @sophmaloney3

"Hedwig! [Hedwig and the Angry Inch] She taught me so, so much and I look up to her at times when life's a bit rough. I just remind myself to play some tunes, put on makeup, and try on a wig or two." @missgleekanderson

BroadwayWorld Readers Pick Their Most Inspiring LGBTQ+ Characters

"Rich Goranski from Be More Chill- He's totally bi and proud ^^" @ashley_artist

"Hanschen and Ernst from Spring Awakening!" @flzalsh

"Paul, A Chorus Line" @genki_zone

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