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BWW TV: What Makes a Broadway Hit? THE PROM Cast and Creators Share Backstage Secrets!

The Prom is still changing lives at the Longacre Theatre, where it will soon celebrate its 200th Broadway performance. As the cast and creative team dance towards another major milestone, they are taking time to reflect on their zazzy journey on Broadway so far...

BWW TV: What Makes a Broadway Hit? THE PROM Cast and Creators Share Backstage Secrets!

"I've never been in a room where there was more laughing during rehearsal. We just had so much fun putting it together." -Matthew Sklar

The cast and creative team worked closely to create the perfect final product. "They'll try anything. And it's been so great to be able to go to them and say 'Why do you think this isn't working? What is it missing? What do you need here?' And that's very rare," explained book writer and lyricist Chad Beguelin. "These guys were so generous in the way that they wrote the show and trusted us to throw things up and see what sticks. Sometimes I'll come up with something that seems dumb and they'll turn it into a brilliant line or song," added Brooks Ashmanskas.

Ashmankas, Angie Schworer, and Christopher Sieber agree that their younger cast members play a huge part in giving the show its incredible energy, and they've spent a lot of time bonding with every one of them. "The kids in the cast - we call them that because we can - come into our dressing room for advice all the time," says Sieber. "They come to us for acting advice, comedy advice, audition advice, and agent advice. It's very sweet but it makes me feel so old," he jokes.

Check out the full conversation with Sieber, Ashmanskas, Schworer, Martin, Beguelin and Sklar below!

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