BWW TV: Meet the Cast of Rodney Hicks' Play, JUST PRESS SAVE!

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By: Jun. 18, 2020

A part of PRIDE Plays this season is a new work from Broadway veteran turned playwright Rodney Hicks (Come From Away, Rent)- Just Press Save.

Just Press Save is a play about two undocumented dreamers, Monica and Carter Alvarez, Central American twins, who are new transfers to Westbrook Public High School, in Willow Grove, PA. They are hoping to graduate before getting deported back to Honduras. And another transfer student, Damon Webster. A Black trans male teen who is coming out in public at his neighborhood school as male presenting for the first time. He falls for Monica. She falls for him. The world is swirling around them. It's Senior year and these students are about to embark on the most transformative year of their young lives, navigating their way to graduate as part of the class of 2022.

HOPE can be found anywhere. You gotta believe, hold on and JUST PRESS SAVE.

The cast for the reading features: Vittorio Wyatt Gray (Damon Webster), Hailey Kilgore (Jocelyn Baxter), Rafael Molina (Carter Alvarez), Kenny Tran (Bolin Hsu), Taylor Trensch (Curtis Miller) and Rocky Vega (Monica Alvarez).

Watch below as the cast takes a break from rehearsals to chat with Rodney about what the story means to them, how they relate to each of their characters, and so much more!