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Krystal Joy Brown is taking on the role of Eve in the World Premiere of Falling for Eve, a new musical with book by Tony Award winner Joe DiPietro, at the York Theatre at Saint Peter's. Brown made her Broadway debut in Hair and began her career as Mimi in the national tour of Rent.

Recently, entertainment reporter Nick Orlando called Brown to talk about her exciting life, new show and what she has in the works.

Thank you for joining me.

Sure. I hope you don't mind I'm doing this interview in my pajamas.

Not at all. Where are you from?

I was born in Virginia and went to high school in Los Angeles.

I heard you got your drivers license last week.

I did, the other day.


Thanks. I was in Los Angeles recently and was asking people to pick me up and drive me around. I felt like I was 10 years old. You need a car there! I took the driver's test and did everything that I needed to do in three weeks. I was with 16 year olds. It's easy to get around NY, but I didn't want to ask anyone for rides when I am back in LA.

Will you be driving around NYC?

No! Thank God. I have a bike here. As I'm watching people drive around the city, I feel like they are going to die.

You did something pretty adventurous right before you started with Falling for Eve. CanBWW Interviews: FALLING FOR EVE's Krystal Joy Brown you tell us about it?

I went skydiving two days prior. I went with my best friend. We were 13,000 feet above ground. It was not a good feeling, but when I was done, I said I could do it again!

How long is the entire process?

You free-fall until you get to 5,000 feet and then you pull your parachute and hover for 10 minutes. Once you are floating around, it is amazing. It was silent and beautiful. It's been a big year for me!

Falling for Eve is actually based on David Howard's original play, Adam Alone. How did this version come about?

It's been through a lot of versions. There were a lot of readings. It keeps evolving and has been quite a process. Joe [DiPietro] has been involved with this for the last two years or so.

What interested you in Eve?

This is a person who is so innocent and lives in her innocence and happiness. She is the first person that feels pain, etc. It is what we all go through. Eve gets to go on this journey. She realizes if you don't have love, then what do you have?

What do you think of this romantic interpretation of Adam and Eve?

It should have always been romantic. The bible is a big book. They could have added more juicy stuff.

How does this role compare with your previous role in Hair?

Hair was an amazing experience. I was the first person to replace someone and the tribe was so close to begin with. Some even knew each other before Hair. We had a lot of freedom in Hair, thanks to Diane [Paulus]. But, it is so refreshing to come into a new show and create this role. The script changed because Joe [DiPietro] got to know us. It's amazing to be able to create the role of the first woman, Eve.

The show has several musical numbers. Do you have a favorite?

"Where Will I Sleep Tonight" is a power ballad. It is emotional and it talks about the trouble of being alone. "Once A Life Ago" is one of the last songs and lyrically, it touches me. The message is I made these mistakes, I walked alone and now you see the big picture. It is a beautifully written song.

BWW Interviews: FALLING FOR EVE's Krystal Joy BrownHow did you get your break?

My first real show was the national tour of Rent. I played Mimi. I wanted to play her so bad. I saw the show 11 times, all over the country.

Which would be your ultimate Broadway role?

There are so many good female roles, but I want to create stuff. I want to create a new role.

Which is your favorite showtune?

That is so hard! Anything from Little Shop of Horrors. The score is so good. Also, anything from Rent.

Any special skills or talent you want to share with us?

Many people don't know, but I am a contortionist. I can sit on my head, put my legs on my head, etc. It's my party trick!

You are leaving this production on August 1st and heading to Los Angeles to be part of the new musical, Leap of Faith.

Yes, that's why I also needed to get my drivers license.

When do rehearsals start?

August 3rd. I fly out of New York on August 2nd and we start rehearsals at 10am on August 3rd.

Leap of Faith is starring Raúl Esparza and Brooke Shields. What are you looking forward to?

I can't wait to work with Raúl, Brooke, Rob Ashford, etc. This list of professionals I am working with is incredible. The script seems hilarious and it should be fun. I'm also looking forward to work with Alan Menken. It's a star studded cast, and I'm like ‘wow.' I will play Ornella.


Falling for Eve is now playing at the York Theatre. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

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