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BWW Flashback: Laura Linney's Best On-Screen Moments!

Laura Linney, who currently stars on Broadway in My Name is Lucy Barton, is an acclaimed actress of the stage. Linney has also been a staple of the television and film industry for the last 30 years and BroadwayWorld is flashing back to some of Linney's best moments on the screen!

The Truman Show - 1998

One of Linney's first big film roles is also one of her most memorable. She starred in The Truman Show as as Hannah Gill acting as Meryl Burbank, Truman's wife, a nurse at the local hospital. Her character on the fictional show was often seen showing off items she has recently "purchased", which was one of the actions that caused Truman to question his life. Linney's character had some of the best scenes in the film, including THE ONE above and the famous car scene.

Love Actually - 2003

Everyone rooted for Laura Linney's character, Sarah, in the hit romantic-comedy Love Actually. Sarah was in love with her co-worker, Karl, for years, and on the night of the Christmas party, they finally get together. That is until a call from her mentally-ill brother Michael prompts her to end the evening early. Linney portrays an incredibly empathetic and caring person, and it's hard not to sympathize with her in the film.

Mystic River - 2003

Laura Linney played Annabeth, the wife of Sean Penn's character, Jimmy, in the film Mystic River. Jimmy, admits to Annabeth that he killed one of his oldest friends who he thought murdered their daughter, Katie. Annabeth comforts him and tells him he is a king and kings always make the right decision.

Fraiser - 2003 - 2004

Linney joined Fraiser during the show's final season. She played Charlotte, matchmaker who recently moved to Seattle from Chicago. Charlotte and Fraiser end up falling for each other, that is until Charlotte, having bought back her old business from her ex-husband, moves back to Chicago. The series ends with Frasier leaving Seattle for a job in San Francisco, but at the last minute, it is revealed that he flew to Chicago, instead, in the hopes of finding Charlotte.

The Big C - 2010 - 2013

Laura Linney starred in the Showtime series, The Big C, which aired for four seasons. She played Cathy Jamison, a high school teacher who is diagnosed with terminal (stage IV) melanoma at the beginning of the series. Her character makes dramatic changes in her life, like kicking her husband out and buying an expensive car, in the face of oncoming death. The dramedy was popular and led Linney to win a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award.

Ozark - 2017 - Present

Linney currently stars on the Netflix drama series, Ozark, playing Wendy Byrde, the wife of Jason Bateman's character Marty, who is laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. The series, which will premiere its third season in March, has garnered Linney SAG Award and Emmy Award nominations.

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