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Quarantine Qs
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BWW Exclusive: Quarantine Qs with SIX Star Samantha Pauly!

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BWW Exclusive: Quarantine Qs with SIX Star Samantha Pauly!As quarantine keeps on keeping on, we at BroadwayWorld know that staying positive gets a little bit harder every day. That's why we're checking in with some of Broadway's brightest stars to give you a little bit of inspiration to make it through.

In today's Quarantine Qs, we check in with Samantha Pauly, who plays Catherine Howard in Six on Broadway!

Since this began, have you picked up any new/cool/weird hobbies or habits?

I've started coloring more actually! I went on Amazon and ordered some nice, double ended markers and really intricate coloring books. I like to pick a page to color at night when I get into bed because it makes my eyes tired and helps me get to sleep faster.

What social activity are you missing the most?

Seeing all of the other girls in the show, and meeting new people at the stage door every night. It's nice to see other friends and family, but having things like FaceTime and Zoom has really helped keep in touch with people. There's really no way to replicate the energy the six of us have on stage together, so I'm really missing that right now. I know once summer hits I'll also really miss going to bars and restaurants and sitting out on a patio.

What is your favorite YouTube video that you think will bring other people joy to watch?

I like to watch videos that other greyhound owners post of their dogs doing silly things in their homes. I also like to watch dog rescue videos because it makes my heart warm. But I think my husband probably hates it because it makes me want to adopt 700 dogs.

Are you following anyone on social media who is helping you through this time?

The only people I follow on Instagram are people I actually know, or accounts for animals or clothing brands, haha. But I do love following the account for the rescue group Galgos del Sol. They're a galgo rescue in Spain, where Spanish galgos are discarded and abandoned throughout the year. They're still working tirelessly right now to rescue as many animals as they can, and it's always inspiring to see what they do to rehabilitate and rescue these poor dogs.

What is the first show that you want to see once theatre is back?

If there are shows that open up again before SIX gets back on the stage, I would love to see Moulin Rouge!

What have you learned about yourself in this time?

That I am more than capable of being alone and thriving. I've been separated from my husband since this quarantine began; he had to leave NYC because he's considered high risk so he went back to the midwest. And while I do really miss him and my family and friends, there's been something nice about being alone and learning that I can entertain myself, still work and grow as an artist, and survive by myself. I think I've always assumed I could do that, but it's been a true test. It's also allowed me to really face my depression and anxiety when it hits; to work through it alone and realize it's okay to live in it while it's happening, instead of forcing myself to push my feelings down.

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