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BWW Blog: Meet Maty Cameron - The Great White Wyoming Way

We are lucky enough to have an
incredible costume designer,
Sarah Varca, designing these
incredible dresses
to really turn us into princesses.
I, of course, turn it awkward.

Welcome to Laramie, Wyoming, home of the University of Wyoming, the only four year university in the state, and also home to The Laramie Project. I promise that we aren't homophobic bigots. (Side note: two of my professors at the university were in that movie).

Let me tell you a little bit about Wyoming, since most of you probably think we ride our horses to school and all live on ranches. While I do know people who live on ranches, and yes, it is a rule that if you leave your horse in Prexy's Pasture (the grass field on campus) the president of the university has to come watch it, we are not as big of a hick town as you would think. Laramie is, in fact, a lot more similar to a ski town: it's a little hipster and pretty healthy. I mean, we do have the hick side where there are trucks on lift kits and country music is played everywhere, but as far as the rest of Wyoming is concerned, you could call Laramie the Brooklyn of Wyoming.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself now! I am a Sophomore at the university, and I have the pleasure of telling you, Broadway World readers, about the shows I am in! Currently, I am in tech week for the original musical Angry Psycho Princesses (opening April 26th!), written by two of our professors, Sean Stone and William Missouri Downs. It's been a crazy run! We have been working on this show of almost two years, and I have had the pleasure of playing Belle for about a year of those two. The musical can be compared to The Book of Mormon or Something Rotten in its satirical humor and over the top shenanigans. It's been quite the journey. Additionally, I am playing the Queen in Swan Lake at a local dance studio. In this version, the Queen is a tap role, which has been an incredible experience. Swan Lake opens May 13th! I'm also the producer of a cabaret troupe at the university title 7220 Above (get it? Like 54 Below?). This troupe travels around local bars and holds themed shows in our black box raising money to bring in guest artists, which is another thing that I work on. I book a lot of the guest artists that come and teach. Artists that I have brought in are Adam Kaplan, who is currently the lead in the national tour of Kinky Boots; and Thayne Jasperson, who has been in the OBCs of Newsies, Matilda, and Hamilton. We have a Disney show on April 23rd! After Swan Lake closes, I have two weeks off before we start a summer stock production of Godspell here in Laramie!

Sometimes, I look at everything I have on my plate and get overwhelmed, but then I realize how lucky I am as an actor that I am so busy, because there are always times that we, as actors, can't book a role, and get discouraged. This is when I have to look at the big picture, and remember that theatre is the most magical place to be. I could not live without it. My favorite thing that I was ever told was from actor Andrew McCarthy (the love interest in Pretty in Pink), who said "[You have to] go for it, because if you don't, you'll regret it every single day of your life."

Stay humble and kind Broadway World, and never stop reaching for your dreams.

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