BWW Blog: Brandon Davidson of MY FAIR LADY - Opening Night!

One of the unspoken thrills of theatre is getting ready for each performance. The prep-work involves putting on wigs, applying make-up, zipping up costumes, and (in the case of My Fair Lady) applying facial hair.

Allow me to paint a picture: Fourteen actors are seated in a cozy basement dressing room 30-minutes before showtime. Each actors' preparation is as unique as each actor; some quickly slip into costume to allow time for socialization, while others sit in a comfy corner with a crossword puzzle. One actress is securing her wig while the other is waiting for the last minute to put on his tailcoat. It all depends on the actors personality.

But one thing is certain with the company of Stages' My Fair Lady - we are a harmonious group in the dressing room. The energy is a lot like the buzz of your favorite Sunday brunch spot. Actors are moving to and fro, the crew seamlessly prepping the set upstairs, and small conversations hum in every corner like, "What did you do today?," to "I hope your father is feeling better after his surgery." We are, in essence, a trust-filled family preparing to share with you our piece of theatre.

Tonight was a particular joy in the dressing room as it was Opening Night. Little gifts were waiting on each actors' station, and special friends were seated in the audience. The following are photos of the cast's preparation, and later, our celebration at Café Provencal in Kirkwood. Enjoy!

high res photos

Lauren Roesner as Clara Eynsford-Hill

Lindsey McKee and Lori Pagano

Lindsey McKee as Mrs. Eynsford-Hill

Zoe Vonder-Haar as Mrs. Higgins

Craig Blake as Quartet

Jon Kwock as Ensemble

Steve Isom as Quartet

John Flack & Alan Ball

Jeff Scott Stevens, Patch David, Edward Juvier, Jon Kwock, Jon Flack, Sean Quinn

Brandon Davidson, Edward Juvier

Chris Guimet & Pamela Brumley

Dottie Marshall-Englis & Assistant

high res photos

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