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Alice Ripley Auctions Unique Original Art On Ebay

Alice Ripley Auctions Unique Original Art On EbayFollowing the success of the last auction, Tony Award-winning Broadway superstar Alice Ripley recently kicked off yet another online auction featuring a wide range of intriguing musical theatre merchandise showcasing many remarkable shows from her long and unique career - NEXT TO NORMAL, KING DAVID and beyond - and she has now added original art to the offerings, as well.

The description of Ripley's "FOUNTAIN" is as follows: "RIPLEY's work illustrates the result of using what's "at-hand" to transform random still life into an ordered trail of intention. RIPLEY mixed media canvases integrate metal, ribbon, oil, pastel, foam, acrylic, wire, elastic, wood, crystal, ink, paper, plastic, cardboard, tape, fabric and other random materials that collect around us throughout the day and night. Gathering up bits of flotsam and organizing them into a permanent design brings about a sense of purpose, that purpose being to notice, organize and galvanize found "garbage," in an attempt to make something beautiful. These "cast offs" meld together into durable pieces that become a physically detailed inventory of how the artist chooses to spend her time. In process, they also become like time capsules, containing residual medial passing through the artist's public and intimate workspaces.In order to bring together that which is "at hand" onto the blank canvas, at least three items are needed to start weaving a path of alchemy. These are examples of what's "at hand": a wooden clothespin, a paintbrush, a strip of bubble wrap, scissors, a plastic place mat, a tube of paint, a permanent marker, a shoelace, a postcard. The result is a multi-textured, fully dimensional and brightly colored work on canvas, the composition often resembling a bird's eye view of a map. There is a narrow periwinkle passageway of whimsically designed adhesive tape, opening onto a transparent neon orange spiraling path. Then, notice a smear of gold sparkle tempura on textured paper, and a jagged, shiny, tin staircase horizon crisscrossing it. A canvas will come together over several weeks and sometimes years (depending on the size), to allow for drying time, and to encourage the piece to be a gradual documentation of the artist's daily life. Those daily activities provide the artist with the basic at-hand "tools" needed for the next layer. After receiving and working intimately with these stray items, the "dots" become relatively "connected" on the canvas and the piece becomes integrated. Finally, "spin-off" pieces are painted in pure acrylic on separate canvases, with the artist using the textured pieces as design maps. Alice Ripley, 2013."

Of note, a portion of the proceeds will go to charitable organizations.

View and bid on Alice Ripley's "FOUNTAIN" here.

For more information, visit the official Alice Ripley Ebay auction listings page here.

Photo Credit: Walter McBride

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