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Adam Driver Reflects On Reasons Why He Became An Actor & Juilliard Training

Adam Driver Reflects On Reasons Why He Became An Actor & Juilliard TrainingJuilliard graduate, popular GIRLS leading man and rising film star Adam Driver opens up about his theatre training and acting roots as part of a new interview.

Reflecting on why he originally enjoyed his first acting experiences participating in high school musicals, Driver shares, "I liked being backstage with the seniors... They were cool."

As for his second Juilliard audition, Driver candidly reflects, "When you get out of the Marine Corps, you feel like you can do anything. That was part of why I went to re-audition for Juilliard. I thought, 'Worse comes to worst, I know how to live. I'll live in Central Park or something. I'll survive.'"

Elaborating, Driver says, "You feel like all civilian problems are meaningless and small, which is a complete illusion, but you have this confidence. You've been torn down so much - physically, emotionally, verbally - you feel like you're indestructible. But then you don't know where to put all of your energy, because all of that - code, honor, dying for another person. Suddenly, there's no one in your life that means as much as that relationship did, and it feels like you guys [civilians] have just been doing whatever you want to do, and I've been doing stuff that doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't matter here."

As for how his tough training prepared him for Juilliard, Driver shares, "I made people in my school cry because it was just the way I was used to talking to people... I felt like I wanted to do it! Really hard! Whatever it was! And I needed to calm down a little bit."

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