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UPDATED 11/14/03


Dear Friends,

Thanks to an outpouring of support from so many of you online, we have been able to take down the closing notice for my show "Listen To My Heart - The Songs of David Friedman."

Although we are by no means out of the woods, your spreading the word and buying tickets has given us another week in which to further publicize the show (I'm on Joan Hamburg today with Kathie Lee and we're on Crossing Over with John Edward next week) and find an infusion of cash that will give us the chance to reach the wider audience that can ensure a long, successful run.

I deeply appreciate all that you have done - it has warmed my heart to be the recipient of so many kind words and so many people taking the time and effort to spread the word. There is nothing in life that I want to do more than to personally share my songs with people, and you've given me the opportunity to continue to do that.

IIf we can keep the effort going for another 2 or 3 weeks I know we'll be able to make it on our own.

So please spread the word that we are up and running and that if people will buy tickets NOW we will have the chance to continue to be up and running for a good long time. And if you should come to the show, please stay afterward and let me thank you in person for all you've done.

$25 discount offer is still in effect. There is, in fact, a better phone number and on-line address to use if you are buying discount tickets with the code. So to order tickets for yourself or for your friends, go to 212-947-8844 or and give them Code LHDFEM9

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help on this. The second act of my show opens with a song called "The Gift of Trouble," and whatever happens with the show, knowing that there is so much kindness and generosity out there and that "you're here, and you're listening, you're listening" have certainly been a gift for me that I will never forget.


David Friedman

Dear Craig,

Yes, unfortunately, it's true. My show "Listen To My Heart - The Songs of David Friedman" at Upstairs at Studio 54" is in great danger of closing. We need to sell 600 tickets by the beginning of the weekend or Sunday will be our last day. People are loving the show but we haven't had the proper promotion and now that we've figured out how to market the show, we don't have the necessary revenue to do the advertising we need. There are so many people who are getting on board in support of us, Joey Reynolds, Allie Wentworth, John Edward, Gail Sheehy, Jonathan Schwartz, and audiences have been fantastically enthusiastic, but, as my own song says "now the only thing we really need is time." Our promotional efforts will take a few weeks to put in place, and the only way we can stay alive is by an infusion of cash or grass roots ticket sales.

The online community and the cabaret community have always been my biggest supporters, in fact they're the reason my music is known at all, so we see them as our only chance to make it through this week and the next few until our wider audience can build sufficiently to sustain the show. So if anyone is even remotely thinking of coming to the show, please do it today. And come backstage and meet me afterward and let me know that you came because of

Tickets are $60 for the best center seats, but a $25 ticket can be had (they're a little more on the side but you can see from anywhere in this small theater) by visiting or calling (212) 239-6200 and giving them Code #LHDFEM9.

You can visit the show website:

Here is some more information about the show and David:

David Friedman is known for so many accomplishments in his distinguished and illustrious musical career: from the Classic Disney movies Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, to his tenure as conductor of many Broadway shows, and his years as producer of the renowned Nancy LaMott's CD's. But certainly his most sought after and admired achievements are his songs.

Over the years, David has written songs of hope and inspiration, humor and compassion that have helped us, as individuals and as a community, to navigate the hard times, from the AIDS crisis to September 11th, and everything in between. David also encourages us to celebrate the beauty of falling in love, the awakening of connection to our inner spirit, and above all, the humor that is to be found in our darkest moments and greatest ambitions. Some of his most popular songs include Listen To My Heart, to Help Is On The Way, I'll Be Here With You, We Live On Borrowed Time, Rich Famous & Powerful, We Can Be Kind, and Trust the Wind. David's songs have become staples throughout the world on radio, television, records and cabaret, and have been recorded and performed by artists as diverse as Diana Ross, Barry Manilow, Nancy LaMott, Petula Clark, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jason Alexander and many others.

In the past decade, David Friedman has been very busy as a composer, conductor, and record producer in New York, Los Angeles and London. His work as conductor/vocal arranger for Disney's Animated Motion Pictures Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame led to his writing the music and lyrics for the two opening songs for Disney's sequel to Aladdin, entitled Aladdin & The King of Thieves. In addition, David wrote all the music and lyrics and did the scoring for three Animated Television Series. They are; Happy Ness, which had a year-long run on ABC and and was syndicated around the world, and Sky Dancers and Dragon Flyz, based on the worldwide toy phenomenon, both of which continue to run in worldwide syndication. Two of David's songs were also featured in the Barney movie. Recently, David completed the score to the hit Fine Line film Trick including the music and lyrics to the end title song Trick of Fate. David has become well known around the country as the composer of songs of hope and inspiration, including Listen To My Heart, Help Is On The Way, We Can Be Kind, I'll Be Here With You, We Live On Borrowed Time, My Simple Christmas Wish, Just In Time For Christmas, Your Love, Trust The Wind, You're There, I Can Hold You, What I Was Dreamin' Of, Let Me Be The Music, You're Already There, As Long As I Can Sing, and many others. David is particularly happy and proud that many of these songs have been used to raise millions of dollars for AIDS-related and other charities.

David's songs have been recorded by Diana Ross (with whom he had a quadruple platinum hit on his song Your Love), Barry Manilow, Laura Branigan, Nancy LaMott, Kathie Lee Gifford, Cris Williamson and Petula Clark, as well as scores of prominent recording and cabaret artists around the world. David's song We Live on Borrowed Time was sung by Jason Alexander with The Boston Pops for PBS Television at Carnegie Hall. Jason's performance led to an article in Parade Magazine about David, Nancy LaMott and We Live On Borrowed Time that was read by 40 million people around the nation and created an avalanche of interest in both the song and in Nancy's What's Good About Goodbye album on which the song appears. David's commissions include We've Got To Get Back To The Dream, sung as the finale to the Pacific Symphony's Fourth of July Concert and on Norman Lear's ABC-TV 2001 Fourth of July Celebration, All The World's A Stage, which was performed by Randy Graff at Carnegie Hall, We Are Proud for the New York City Gay Men's Chorus which was performed as the finale of their Carnegie Hall concert and at the 1998 Gay Games in Amsterdam, and Who Will Curl My Daughter's Hair, which is part of a project to raise money for Singing For The Cure for the Turtle Creek Chorale, Dallas Women's Chorus and the Dallas Symphony which debuted in Dallas in June of 2000 with Maya Angelou narrating, and was repeated this year at Carnegie Hall in New York.

For the past 6 years David has been the composer in residence and music director for the annual Duke Children's Hospital Benefit, writing a new theme song each year and helping to raise $40 million for the building of the new Children's Hospital. David's song Help is on the Way annually closes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS' Easter Bonnet Competition, where it has been sung by luminaries such as Nancy LaMott, Petula Clark, Melba Moore, Ednita Nazario, Ruben Blades, Kristen Chenoweth, Heather Headley, Carol Woods and brian d'Arcy James.

David's music has also been featured on The Tonight Show, Touched By An Angel, Live With Regis and Kathie Lee, Good Morning America, As The World Turns, The Howie Mandel Show and The Miss America Pageant. David's concert appearances include Help Is On The Way, an evening of his songs at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine, evenings of his music at Rainbow & Stars, Maxim's, Steve McGraws, The Russian Tea Room, The Firebird, Davenports in Chicago, The 92nd Street Y in joint concert with Alix Korey, and a London concert of his music performed by the theater stars of the West End that raised money for West End Cares. You can also hear bits of David's Song My Simple Wish in a New York State Lottery Commercial.

As a record producer, David, under the auspices of the Record Label he created, Midder Music, has produced all of Nancy LaMott's recordings. Nancy LaMott's recordings consistently have sold in the top 10 in most large chain record stores, and her songs are played on over 1000 radio stations around the world. David's songs appear on four of Nancy's six albums. Since Nancy's untimely death in 1995, David has made it his mission to bring Nancy's music to the world. With that in mind he produced Nancy's first posthumous recording, What's Good About Goodbye. In December of 1995, a new collection of David's songs called David Friedman-I'll Be Here With You was released, with profits from the recording benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

David was the recipient of the 1996 MAC Award for Recording of the Year, for Nancy LaMott's album Listen To My Heart, which he produced and for which he wrote three songs, including the title song. David has won two additional MAC awards as a songwriter; in 1992 his song Help Is On The Way won the MAC Award for Song of the Year, and in 1995, his song My Simple Christmas Wish won the MAC Award for Comedy Song of the Year. David has also received the 1995 Bistro Award for Composer of the Year, and the prestigious 1994 Johnny Mercer Award for Composer of the Year.

David's new Christmas Oratorio, entitled King Island Christmas, debuted to rave reviews at the Perseverence Theater in Juneau, Alaska. David and his collaborator, Deborah Baley Brevoort, received the Frederick Loewe Award and the Dramatist's Guild Award for their work on this piece. The album of King island Christmas is in release everywhere, conducted by David, produced by Thomas Z. Shepard and orchestrated by Peter Matz, and plans are In the Works to take live productions to cities all over the world as well as to perform King Island Christmas at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. and on PBS.

Other recent and upcoming projects include four New Musicals: Nicolette & Aucassin, (which completed a sold out run at the Westport Playhouse and is headed for Broadway in the Spring) Goodbye and Good Luck for which David has written the music, Goodbye My Island, a requiem that will be the companion piece to King Island Christmas, and a new Revue of David's songs which was produced to critical acclaim by the Lyric Stage in Dallas last spring. Two years ago, David produced Kathie Lee Gifford's solo album, Born For You which was released to great critical acclaim. This was followed by an album of lullabies that he and Kathie Lee Gifford wrote together, and a follow up album of children's songs, both of which were released last year. They're currently at work on a new album of adult contemporary songs to be released in the fall. David is also completing his 9th year as Music Supervisor/Vocal Arranger of Disney's Beauty & The Beast on Broadway.

David is about to begin work on his first solo album, tentatively titled Trust The Wind-The Inspirational Songs of David Friedman, as well as a Songbook of his music and a book about conducting as a metaphor for life.

For more information on David Friedman's music, visit

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,

David Friedman

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