Tickets Are Now On-Sale for 28th Annual ATY Summer Festival, 6/27-28

Tickets Are Now On-Sale for 28th Annual ATY Summer Festival, 6/27-28

Tickets are now on-sale for the 28th Annual Alaska Theatre of Youth Play Festival. Tickets are $8-$10. The festival is on June 27 and 28.

The Plays:

Charleston! (the Musical) FRI 3:30 & SAT 7:30pm

Comic Book Artist FRI 1:30pm & SAT 5:30pm

The Emperor's Nightingale FRI/SAT 12:00pm

Game of Charts (the Musical) FRI 7:30pm & SAT 1:30pm

Outrageous Fortune FRI 5:30pm & SAT 3:30pm

All performances in the UAA Fine Arts Building on Alumni Drive. Pre-Ordered Tickets will be under your name at the door before the show. Tickets can be ordered directly from the actors or ONLINE (click here).


It's the roaring 1920s - complete with Ziegfeld girls and gangsters! Polly Pepper, a young flapper, is about to turn 18 years old and will then inherit an extraordinary diamond necklace.She is planning a wacky birthday party and is inviting all her friends. Buck Wayne, Polly's new boyfriend, wouldn't miss the birthday celebration for anything, even if he has to land his private plane on the lawn. But watch out, trouble's in the air! Mobsters are planning to grab the necklace and have devised a clever con to crash Polly's party. Thanks to Polly, they're defeated hilariously!


This smart laugh-out-loud comedy puts many of Shakespeare's victims and villains together in self-help groups led by Prospero. In scenes from the plays and in therapy, Shakespeare's most famous characters collide: Ophelia, Desdemona, King Lear, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Romeo, Juliet, Iago (Shakespeare's worst scoundrel!) and many more. They're also forced to face their Fatal Flaws, who come to life onstage! A great play to illuminate Shakespeare's plots for new audiences as well as offer a different point-of-view to seasoned Bard-o-philes. Fun for everyone!


It is the incredibly popular comic-book genre in a hilarious action packed superhero saga! Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz wants nothing more than to become a comic book artist. When he gets a job as a janitor at Wonder Comics, he anxiously awaits the day that his boss, D.C. Wunderman, will notice his drawings and discover his artistic genius. It seems like that day will never come until Wunderman invests in a shipment of magical pens, guaranteed to bring to life any character his artists create. When the staff artists unwittingly unleash the dreaded Doctor Shock Clock, Stanley must create his own team of unlikely superheroes to save the world.


Game of Thrones meets goofball celebrity jukebox musical in Game of Charts! A dastardly usurper steals the throne of Chartopia imposing her music, her fashion sense and her will upon the kingdom. Trouble triples when the true heir to the throne journeys to the palace to claim the crown, encountering download pirates, creepy forests and new friends who are not what they seem. Familiar pop tunes with re-styled lyrics will tickle your funny bone in this toe-tapping fantastical celebrity parody play.


The gong sounds and we are magically engaged in the quest for The Emperor's Nightingale, a lively adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic. ATY's youngest actors present this one-act play (approx. 30 minutes) about a wild nightingale brought to court to entertain the Emperor, who then receives a gift of a bejeweled mechanical bird that eclipses his interest. When the Emperor takes ill, he realizes that he wasted the loyalty and friendship offered by the wild bird, and that only her song can save him.

ATY appreciates the support of the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska State Council on the Arts, Atwood Foundation, GCI Wireless, First National Bank Alaska, and many countless others. Thank you to UAA Theatre & Dance for their partnership in Summer Conservatory and to Denali Grande Lodge and Alaska Railroad for donating the prize of a round trip Anchorage-Denali rail pass for 2 as well as a 2 night hotel stay for our Summer Conservatory Raffle prize! Drawing will be June 28th, 2014.

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