Rocky is a knockout

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Rocky is a knockout
Posted: 11/20/12 at 07:14pm
A colleague of mine was in Hamburg last week to see the show.

Verdict seemed to be that the set is pretty brilliant (the boxing ring extends out into the audience for the second half, so people in the front stalls move on stage for Act 2? something like that) and the score is unsurprisingly rock based, although that's a slight surprise from Ahrens and Flaherty. However, as with many German/European musicals, it's all about big ballads and big emotions - it's very far away from where English language musical theatre seems to be heading.
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Rocky is a knockout
Posted: 11/22/12 at 07:26pm
"so people in the front stalls move on stage for Act 2? something like that"

People sitting in the middle section in the first few rows do indeed for the final, the big fight between Apollo and Rocky. There is a stands behind the ring where people sit then.
Went to see the show tonight having one of these seats and it is an interesting experience with being so close to the cast during a show and for curtain call.
I enjoyed the show, it is good entertainment, though especially act 1 is very much a carbon copy of the movie (some people commented it was a bit dull which I didn't feel but maybe because if you know the movie there is not a lot new to discover). Drew Sarich as Rocky is though truly amazing.

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