Behind The Scenes: BAGGAGE, Arts Theatre, September 2012

September 11
6:40 AM 2012


BAGGAGE is the story of two latter-day likely lads, reunited through tragedy hoping to repair their damaged relationship before it's too late. Flashback to PrimRose Hill and Lima airport 2007 and enjoy their internet dating rollercoaster...

"It shows the difference between how we traditionally found relationships - seeing someone in a pub, or meeting at university, or through work - making snap decisions on what you see," says Charlie De'Ath, who plays James in the production at the Arts Theatre.

He describes his character as "predatory" - an expert at browsing dating sites and presenting himself according to what he thinks the person he's talking to will respond to. "He has no desire to find a soulmate or a partner," he says. "He's taking advantage of what he sees as a service."

De'ath has never tried out internet dating for himself, but found that he didn't need to do that much research. "You're aware of it. You know people who have done it, and you know they've had mixed experiences.

"My challenge was more about getting into James's head – more about finding out about the kind of person that is able to [behave in the way that he does]. It's more of an emotional journey rather than anything. He's interesting to play, and you do realise he has his own demons, which go some way to explaining the way he behaves."

De'ath is joined in the cast by Richard Mylan, Nicola Stapleton, Suzanne Shaw and Dan Wilder, and the play is currently scheduled to run until October 6th.

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