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BWW Special: Jenifer Aubry Talks RENT's 15th Canadian Anniversary

October 23
10:28 PM 2012


It’s been 15 years since the original Canadian production of RENT took Toronto by storm, and some of the original cast members are returning for a one night only benefit concert to raise money for Fife House this coming Monday, October 29thChad Richardson, Cary Shields, Jenifer Aubry, Gavin Hope and Dominique Roy will join cast members from Sheridan College’s production of RENT to perform in a special concert honouring Jonathan Larson’s work.

Throughout the week BWW will be speaking with members of the original cast about their experience with RENT and what the show meant to them.  Today we’re speaking to Jenifer Aubry who played Maureen in the original Canadian production and is currently performing in Toronto with Cirque du Soleil’s AMALUNA.  Jenifer talks to us about what RENT taught her, and about the wonderful gifts that life brings us when we least expect them:

15 years later, what is the number one thing that still resonates with you about your RENT experience?

Happiness.  Being in RENT was one of the best experiences of my life.

Have you stayed in touch with a lot of your former cast members?

Several! We stay in touch through Facebook.  I have seen some of them in the past and being back in Toronto with Cirque I’ve been able to connect with some of them, especially the ones participating in Monday’s fundraiser.  I have the same feeling I had all those years ago – God I love those people!   

What was the biggest thing RENT taught you?

That’s easy! No day but today!

When performing in a benefit like this with a new generation of RENT performers, what is the biggest piece of advice you would give them about the material? Is it something you would go back and give yourself if you could?

Be true to the story and be as real as possible.  You need to respect the integrity of this amazing show and enjoy every moment of it.

BWW Special: Jenifer Aubry Talks RENT's 15th Canadian Anniversary

Jenifer Aubry as Maureen in Original Canadian Cast of RENT

Finally, did being in RENT (especially one of the original casts) change your outlook on life, love and loss at all? Do you try and live Jonathan’s message in your day to day life?

To be a part of this show was a gift and I’m proud of what I did and I always strive to deliver Jonathan’s message.  This show was real life and was so well written, the songs touched everything a human being was, is and becomes.  I’m thrilled to be a part of it again.  I’m here in Toronto right now with the Cirque production of Amaluna and the timing is incredible – perhaps a coincidence and perhaps not. I’m really in the right place at the right time which reminds me just how beautiful life is and how full of magic moments it can be.

When and Where?

RENT 15th Anniversary Concert to benefit Fife House

October 29th, 2012

Daniel's Spectrum - 585 Dundas Street East


Tickets can be purchased online at

For more information about Fife House please visit their official website at

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