BWW Reviews: CAVALIA Wows Crowd and Extends Run

April 4
9:40 AM 2012


Cavalia is nearly impossible to describe as a show, at least in terms of giving you a true perspective on all the things that are happening at once on stage, and yet, I can say it's an elegant, athletic, visual and audio delight that combines a number of elements in achieving its success. First off, there are the nearly 50 horses of various beautiful breeds (all geldings and stallions) that are paraded in various "scenes" to great effect, and then there are the acrobats, riders, band members, singers, as well as an awesome projected scenic design that take us all the way back to ancient times with cave drawings, bas relief work, and coliseum settings that all occur in the first act alone. Cavalia is a wondrous delight, a trip through time filled with atmosphere and dynamic dynamite maneuvers. It's an eye-popping experience, an equestrian extravaganza, and the run for the show has been extended due to popular demand.

I didn't buy a program, so I can't tell you all about the performers, musicians, etc, with any specificity, but I can tell you they're all terrifically talented and give energetic and enthusiastic performances that make this a winning combination of spectacle and magic. The wire work deserves special mention since it's so graceful and lovely in it's execution. But, that mean leaving out the horsemanship which is par excellence, or the acrobatics, which light up the action, or the beautifully evocative singing and band work that give this production a real intense feeling. You see, there are just too many elements, and giving away the scenes and stunts would just spoil the experience.

Cavalia is the work of conceptualist Normand Latourelle (Cirque du Soleil) who is a true visionary. Here he imagines the relationship of humans and horses, and succeeds in bringing something wholly unique and compelling to the stage.

If you have the opportunity to see Cavalia, go, it's an entertaining ride that's imaginatively conceived and performed by everyone on hand. Cavalia has extended its run (through April 16, 2012), and you can find it at the white tent across from the ballpark downtown on Cerre St.





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