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Updated: September 02, 2014

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Welcome to's listings of upcoming non-equity auditions, non-equty regional theater auditions and national tour auditions.

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WEST SIDE STORY - Harbor Lights Theater Company (Staten Island, NY Audition) on 9/7/2014
Added: 9/2/2014

SEUSSICAL JR. - Act One (Kanas City, MO Audition) on 9/2/2014
Added: 9/2/2014

STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE - Prime Stage Theatre (Pittsburgh, PA Audition) on 9/13/2014 - 9/14/2014
Added: 9/2/2014

THE HUNDRED DRESSES - Summit Playhouse (New York, NY Audition) on 9/7/2014 - 9/8/2014
Added: 9/2/2014

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW - Earl Orrin Productions (Washington, DC Audition) on 8/30/2014 - 9/30/2014
Added: 9/2/2014

THE DINNER DETECTIVE - The Dinner Detective - San Diego (San Diego, CA Audition) on 9/12/2014 - 9/13/2014
Added: 9/2/2014

HMS PINAFORE - Ridgewood Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company (Glen Rock, NJ Audition) on 9/2/2014
Added: 9/2/2014

A CHRISTMAS CAROL - Hill Country Community Theatre (Cottonwood Shores, TX Audition) on 9/22/2014 - 9/23/2014
Added: 8/28/2014

DISNEY'S 101 DALMATIANS KIDS - The Grove Theatre and Academy (Upland, CA Audition) on 9/6/2014
Added: 8/28/2014

PRESCOTT CENTER FOR THE ARTS SINGERS - Prescott Center for the Arts (Prescott, AZ Audition) on 9/30/2014
Added: 8/28/2014

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Non-Equity Auditions in Dallas , TX

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Saturday October, 18 2014

IN THE HEIGHTS - Junior Players (Dallas, TX Audition)

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