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SOLDAAT VAN ORANJE Now Extends Through September 2013


SOLDAAT VAN ORANJE Now Extends Through September 2013

The extraordinary success of the Dutch musical SOLDAAT VAN ORANJE (Soldier of Orange), based on the movie by the same title, shown no signs of coming to an end soon. The production has just been announced to be extended again: bookings are now open to September 2013.

The spectacle production, featuring a revolving auditorium in which the audience moves from one set to another, has been playing to sold-out houses ever since it opened to critical acclaim in October 2010. 850.000 people have seen the production, according to press releases.

Multiple cast changes have taken place, with cast members exiting from and returning to the show, often moving to different roles. The lead role (played in the movie by Rutger Hauer) is currently being played by Matteo van der Grijn, who created the role for the stage production.

Photo credit: Soldaat van Oranje

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