Dutch SHREK To Make A Four-Week Outing to Antwerp, Belgium


Dutch SHREK To Make A Four-Week Outing to Antwerp, Belgium

The Dutch production of SHREK, currently playing the RAI Theatre in Amsterdam, will move to the Stadsschouwburg Antwerp in Belgium for a limited four-week run. Afterwards, the production will return to Amsterdam.

SHREK opened to critical acclaim on November 4th for a 3-month run, which was recently extended to March 2013.

The Belgium run will be co-produced by Antwerp-based Music Hall. The principal roles of Shrek (currently played by William Spaaij), Princess Fiona (Kim-Lian van der Meij) and Lord Farquaad (Paul Groot) will be played by Belgian actors for the limited run. No casting has been announced yet.

Ticket sales for Antwerp will start on December 5th.

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