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Doug Warhit Acting Classes

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DATE POSTED: 3/13/2012
PHONE #: 310.479.5647
ADDRESS: 8899 Beverly Blvd
# 206
West Hollywood, CA

Listing Information: ONE-ON-ONE WORKSHOPS

Four week private on-camera workshop specifically designed for the individual actors needs. Topics may include:
Nailing sitcoms (even if you don't think you're funny)
Mastering commercials
The essential questions to ask yourself before every audition
How to do your best work even when there's no time to prepare
How to cry on cue
The art of networking
Improvisational tools
What makes someone a star
How to get inside a character that is nothing like you
Letting the camera do its job so you can do yours
The business of acting
Creating your own projects
Overcoming self-sabotage, performance anxiety, and procrastination

Private coaching available for television and film auditions.