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DATE POSTED: 1/24/2012
PHONE #: 718-916-9706
ADDRESS: 126 Lombardy Street
Second Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Listing Information: Bridge Props wants you to be able to click through the inventory from your home or office or on location. Since you can view all items on-line, you can decide which items will work for your project.

You can add the items that work for your project into your shopping cart. Because availability will vary for each piece, put all the items and quantities that you would like to reserve for your project in the shopping cart and send the request. Please included the dates of your request and your telephone number in the "COMMENTS" field.

The items in your shopping cart are treated as a request. We will check the availability of your items as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

ALL PRICES ARE FOR RENTALS -- for any period of time up to 7 days. Extended rentals are available and some items are available for purchase to film & television industry.