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Arthur Murray Dance Schools

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DATE POSTED: 7/24/2012
PHONE #: 888-326-2320
ADDRESS: Woodland Hills, CA

Listing Information: The Arthur Murray Woodland Hills Dance School is a well known dance school in Los Angeles teaching ballroom dance, we have been in this industry for well over 98 years, you can count on us when you want to dance in LA. Due to the diligence in our work we have developed an exclusive Arthur Murray teaching style to ensure you get quality lessons at any given time, we also make sure our instructor’s training standard is of high value to give you the finest instruction. Since every student is different, we allocate to each student a personal instructor to watch over his or progress. At often times we interchange instructors to give everyone a fair chance of experiencing different skills. The Arthur Murray teaching staff work as team to ensure maximum productivity is achieved and all dancers receive quality services at all times.