Music Institute of Chicago Announces Students Receiving Scholarships

Music Institute of Chicago Announces Students Receiving Scholarships

The Music Institute of Chicago, established as one of the most respected pre-collegiate conservatory programs in the United States, announces its second year of distinguished Academy scholarships to recognize extraordinarily talented musicians. This year there are two categories of recognition: Fellows and Special Merit Scholars. 

"Every student accepted into the Academy program is among a group of the very best young musicians in the country," said Music Institute President and CEO Mark George. "A small number of students achieve an unusually elevated level of proficiency and musicianship: Academy Special Merit Scholars. Another group of students achieves an even more extraordinary level of technical proficiency and musical maturity: Academy Fellows. The Music Institute awards each group maximum tuition support in recognition of their hard work and profound dedication." 

The Fellowships and Scholarships are named for the generous benefactors who are underwriting the program:

2012–13 Sage Foundation Fellow                        Rebecca Benjamin, 18, Warsaw, Indiana

                                                                        violin student of Roland and Almita Vamos

2012–13 Bev and Warren Hayford Fellow            Andrew Guo, 14, Chicago

                                                                        piano student of Alan Chow

2012–13 Susan and Richard Kiphart Fellow            Gallia Kastner, 15, Arlington Heights

                                                                        violin student of Roland and Almita Vamos

2012–13 Susan and Richard Kiphart Fellow            Nathan Walhout, 15, Wheaton

                                                                        cello student of Gilda Barston

2012–13 Betsey and John Puth Fellow                        Adé Williams, 15, Chicago

                                                                        violin student of Roland and Almita Vamos

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