X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Perform - All the Performances!

The top twelve performed this week on The X Factor, with some falling flat and others rising to surprising new highs. Whether you missed a song or just want to watch again, read on for a full recap of this week's performances!

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Perform - All the Performances!This week's theme is "Divas" which, as always, could potentially pretty much cover just about any song, so whatever. Jennel Garcia is kicking things off tonight with Tina Turner's "Proud Mary." Her outfit looks like she was hit with a paper shredder backstage, but this is by far her best performance in a lot of weeks (and her hair looks so much better with some highlights, which Simon takes credit for by saying "I'm glad you listened to me.") 

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Perform - All the Performances!Tate Stevens, who got the most votes last week, performs "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain. I forgot how much I used to love this song, siiigh. It was a little surprising that Tate did so well in votes last week, but he's a very clear singer and people know what they'd be getting if he put out an album - and this week was better than last week's, which is always a plus. "That was so good," Demi says, "You were very good. Very good."

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Perform - All the Performances!Next to hit the stage is Diamond White. After being eliminated before the top twelve, she returned last week and placed fourth in the votes. She's tackling Beyonce's "Halo," a choice that seems dubious at best - it's a song that seems like it's made for radio, not so much for live performance, but other than a few places where it seems like the music is drowning her out Diamond's definitely proving that it was a good decision to bring her back. "Those are really big shoes to fill, and you filled them." LA tells her.

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Perform - All the Performances!Beatrice Miller's next. Beatrice is stressed because she's taking it upon herself to provide for her family (such a sweet thought, but she is only a kid). Her stylists always make her look like she pulled random pieces out of a dresser in pitch darkness and it annoys me to no end. Also: Khloe's dress is so unflattering this week. It's probably from the Kardashian Target/Macy's/whatever line or something, but it doesn't fit her right at all. Anyway, Beatrice is singing Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time." I love this song (who doesn't?) but it's just kind of a boring performance of a super popular song. "Britney isn't quite getting the right song for you," Simon says, and Britney tells him that Beatrice has more talent in her pinky than all his contestants combined. I mean, I get that it was directed to be catty toward Simon, but ouch if you're those people listening backstage.

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Perform - All the Performances!Lyric 145 is doing a mashup of "We Will Rock You" with some of Katy Perry's "ET," thrown in for good measure. I don't like this one as much as I've liked their past couple of weeks. It's a little more...noisy. That's not to say it's bad - it was pretty good and, as always, highly energetic. "I don't know, I just think you guys have lost you way. This could be the last time we see you," LA says. I don't think so. I think it might be Arin or Cece's last week, but they haven't even performed yet, so we'll see.

X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 12 Perform - All the Performances!Arin Ray's up next, actually, and he's taken last week's eleventh place as an opportunity to improve. "It's just me and my voice," he says of his performance to Madonna's "Crazy for You." Arin needed to perform without his dance moves that strangely seem to be over-rehearsed and under-rehearsed at the same time, at least once. Other than some girls screaming constantly throughout the whole thing (really, do they not have anyone to quiet the crowd, ever?) the main flaw here is that this is a less than exciting way to do it. "I felt like you nailed it," Britney says, though the others disagree.


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