Webseries IN BETWEEN MEN, Starring Margot Bingham, Debuts Second Season, 2/12


24-year-old performer Margot Bingham currently stars as the female lead in the hit web series In Between Men. In Between Men examines the lives of the four young men and one woman from different walks of life and of differing sexualities, who do not fit into the lives and perceptions expected of them in New York City. The web series became a major hit in its first season with over 2 million viewers in 150 countries. The much anticipated Season 2 premiere debuts on February 12th, 2013 worldwide.

Margot has several new projects within the next few months, which will make for an interesting interview. In addition to her co-starring role on In Between Men, she participated in a reading of the upcoming Broadway production of Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway directed by Susan Stroman. Among her upcoming undertakings, Margot has signed a music distribution deal in Japan and will be headed to London to promote and perform her pop-inspired music.

Margot can personally relate to the premise of In Between Men, for she is the daughter of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Craig Bingham and goddaughter to the football superstar Jack Ham, but never felt like she fit in to the sports world growing up. She found her niche in the performing arts world, and as a child had the opportunity to sing the national anthem at Steelers, Penguins and Cleveland Cavalier games.

Margot's character on In Between Men Kendra Sharpe is a suave, sultry, no nonsense, high-powered NYC publicist. She is corporate sexy personified.

She recently was the featured face of Revlon for their 2012 Expression Experiment that caught the attention of over 500,000 Revlon social media fans.

"Expression to me is stepping outside of your box, daring to do something different." Margot emphasized in the campaign. "People are a little bit scared to explore themselves and try to dare to do or be something bigger than themselves. I learned to express myself through any color."

Margot embraces and appreciates natural beauty, making her a role model to all women. "I went natural just over a year ago and am loving my natural curls. It took me a while to learn to love the natural me but now am embracing it," Margot said about her hair.