VIDEO: Sneak Peek - THE COLOR PURPLE Author Alice Walker on PBS' AMERICAN MASTERS, 2/7

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"As a filmmaker, one of the deepest desires is to engage the audience in the conversation unfolding on screen. I am thrilled to offer this in Beauty In Truth, where Alice's openness, warmth and on-screen intimacy reflects our long HISTORY of kinship," said Parmar. "Making Beauty In Truth has been an adventure of discovery and sheer inspiration. I'm so pleased it will have a national audience on American Masters." Parmar's past works include feature film Nina's Heavenly Delights (2006) and the documentary Warrior Marks (1993), based on the book of the same name that she and Walker co-authored.

"Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth is a complex exploration of a pioneering artist and human rights activist that gives audiences a penetrating look at a life lived with passionate commitment," said Stephen Segaller, Vice president of programming for WNET. "Having the American Masterspremiere coincide with her 70th birthday is a nice bonus."

Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth is a production of A Kali Films LTD and Kali8 Productions LLC and American Masters for THIRTEEN production in co-production with Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation and the Independent Television Service and in association with Artemis Rising Foundation. Pratibha Parmar is writer, director and producer. Shaheen Haq is producer. Babeth M. VanLoo, Eve Ensler, Regina Kulik Scully and Deborah Santana are executive producers. Pratibha Parmar, Paul Monaghan and Linda Peckham are editors. Original music composed by Tena R. Clark and Tim Heintz with featured music by Christen Lien. Andy Shallal is associate producer. ForAmerican Masters: Susan Lacy is executive producer. Stephen Segaller is executive-in-charge.For Independent Television Service: Sally Jo Fifer is executive producer.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - THE COLOR PURPLE Author Alice Walker on PBS' AMERICAN MASTERS, 2/7

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