VIDEO: Natalie Wood Death Investigated on CBS THIS MORNING


O'DONNELL: So specifically, what are the key things in this report that are raising new questions?

MILLER: The location, the position, the shape and size of The Bruises. The fact that they are arguably more consistent with either being restrained during a struggle or defensive wounds than they are with trying to climb back onto a dinghy that you were hanging on to through the night. And the fact that out of 200 boats in that cove, and now I'm shipping out of the autopsy and into the investigation, only one person has ever said that they heard her calling for help while she was supposed to be drowning.

ROSE: So on questions like bruises, why didn't they get that the first time, in the first report?

MILLER: Well, that's the million-dollar question, Charlie, which was, did they mail it in? Was this a thing where you had a big Hollywood star there, you had people who wanted to avoid bad publicity, and you didn't have a smoking gun murder, and they just, you know, gave it a once-over? But I think the signal we're going to get when this report is released later today that they concluded too fast.

O'DONNELL: So is the suggestion that she may have been killed before going overboard?

MILLER: I think that the overarching suggestion from the observations made in the supplemental are going to be that she was already unconscious in some likelihood when she went into the water, which suggests-I mean it certainly raises the possibility.

ROSE: So how did she get into the water?

MILLER: It certainly raises the possibility she had some help getting there, and when you're unconscious, we call that suspicious.

VIDEO: Natalie Wood Death Investigated on CBS THIS MORNING

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