VIDEO: Lea Michele Talks Special Bond with Stevie Nicks, New Album 'Louder'

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In an interview with MTV News, Glee star Lea Michele spoke about her special bond to Fleetwood Mac's lead singer Stevie Nicks as well as about her upcoming debut album 'Louder.'

"I had so many amazing people reach out to me, there for me through all of this. And I had the pleasure of having Miss Stevie Nicks call me when Cory passed away and she was so wonderful," Michele shared with MTV News on Tuesday. "She sent me the most beautiful letter, as well a necklace that was hers and a book, a beautiful book of pictures.

The actress also revealed that originally, she did not intend to make her first studio album so personal. However following the death of Monteith in July, she decided to reconsider what she wanted the work to represent.

"I just really wanted something to give to my fans. I wanted to just give them something fun," Michele explained. "At the time, when I started making the record, I was in a wonderful place in my life. I had been living in L.A. for a while, 'Glee' was great and I had a wonderful boyfriend. I just wanted a fun record that people could kind of dance around in their room to and play for the summer."

She continues, "And then as it sort of progressed I realized that A., I'm a very emotional singer and B., I've always been very open with my fans. I'm a very open person. And it just so happens that these songs came - [like 'Cannonball' and 'If You Say So'] - that I connected to and I started writing stuff that was super personal to me," she added. "Eventually, I started feeling like I didn't feel comfortable singing a song that didn't mean something to me."

Listen to the interview in full below and read the article here!

Get a first listen to her first single 'Cannonball' below:

Michele will release her highly anticipated debut album LOUDER on March 4, 2014. Marking Michele's career as a solo artist, the album is underscored by the singer's beloved pop voice, beautiful ballads, and emotionally-driven lyrics. The album is currently available for pre-order now and includes an instant download of the moving lead single, "Cannonball," which Michele will unveil this Thursday December 12 th with a performance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

VIDEO: Lea Michele Talks Special Bond with Stevie Nicks, New Album 'Louder'

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